Friday, January 29, 2010

Run Baby Run

So now that my intervensi exam just over, alhamdulillah, and i think i can consider myself dah merdeka right?? Oh well, i'm just glad that the two-pulun-gila-weeks dah habis. So, i'm kinda free for this weekend, tho i've got homeworks (including a wajib letter to the PM). But i can say that the burden that has been carried by us frm 5 and frm 3 students 2010 has been lifted, for a while. Btw, our school got cuti wilayah next monday (teehee to selangor, haha) so i actually got three days of holiday. So what am i going to talk about actually? I'm not going to babble bout how i managed to answer the exam questions considering that i only had 4 to 5 hours of sleep almost every night, (alhamdulillah) but i'm going to talk about my 'running marathon' that supposedly started at just around the corner of time. Well, it's not actually a 'marathon' marathon , what i meant is that my running until i managed to finish until the end, the end meaning sijil pelajaran malaysia babe! To tell you the truth, i was quite pissed at first, no, that's quite exaggerating, i was a bit shocked at first when Pn.Norfazilawati or Pn. Lawa (this teacher rock GILA :D) announced that the form 5 and frm 3 students are going to have an intervensi on the 18th. I misheard her at first because i thought she meant 18th of february, but when i confirmed with Andy, she said that the exam is on this month. I was absolutely shocked and was quite distressed with Muhyiddin, because we actually got activities on the first week of school. Just like i've told u ppl in ms before, i was the faci for frm 1 orientation week 2010, and it was dmn penat, but dmn best sesangat!! haha. After this two weeks, somehow i managed to be grateful to what have muhyiddin planned fr us kids of kuala lumpur. I mean, studying frm 4 topics for the exam were the best revision i've ever done, although the exams weren't that easy but okayla, i managed to give a at least mona lisa smile everywhere i go. So the main thing is that I'm running as fast as i could in grabbing those grubby 11 A+. So, pray fr me aa, and my buddies too.
To infinity, and beyond! - Buzz Lightyear

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