Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Random Celotehs 2

Assalamualaikum peeps! ;D
So tetiba rasa nak berceloteh lagi. Although this will be just celotehs, but I hope some of it could benefit you guys in some ways. Whatever it is, one once said that "if you are going to talk, make sure it benefits the listener, if you are going to write something, make sure it benefits the reader. Any foul words or false statements will only adding more sins to you and the person acquainted with you."
5. Wisdom Teeth
Last Saturday, my siblings and I made our way to the dentist for our annual check ups. Razeen went in first, and the next thing I know I found his lips gripping red tainted cottons, which later I found out the cottons were actually covered with his blood, sebab dia kena cabut gigi. Ergh.
This is the second or third time I went to this dentist, the clinic is just nearby our home. And that was like when I was 7 or 8? But I went there to get my baby tooth plucked out. And I loathe the pain I felt because of that, I couldn't remember whether it's because of the pain, or I was angry because of the dentist himself, he is kinda rough. And because of that miserable day, later on whenever my baby tooth feels like coming out, I would gladly help it to come out 'naturally', if you know what I mean. I would eat cerals, or ice cream, and focus the munched foods on that particular area. But of course I still have to visit the dentist, only that we changed dentist for about 4 years and then went to our pakteh, for about 3 years, but because now he focuses more on being a surgeon - yepp he is super awesome, he's a dentist and a facial surgeon- alhamdulillah- we just had to visit the dentist that I don't err not quite fond of.
So anyway, I'm nineteen going twenty in less than a month from now, and the dentist also has been growing older and I assume, more softer in dealing with patients? I don't know but after I look at Razeen's bloody mouth-okay that's harsh-, my stomach churned in such a bad way. Mama already said that I should get my teeth some scaling and polishing. I don't mind the polish part although it could tickles at some point and feels nyilu, but scaling,, woah, what I know is that pakteh did a very remarkable job in doing it in a less painful way.
As I entered the room and lay down and my face being under the 'spotlight' -I supposed the nurse and the dentist could see the pores and the getting better acnes- he checked my teeth condition. Then he said, "wisdom tooth dia dua2 kena cabut. Both are slanted (now that explains why it hurts whenever I munched my foods with the teeth at behind). So nak cabut hari ni ke?" I was like, what?!?!?! Even I say so myself, teeth is something I won't forget to care about. I brush, occasionally floss, sometimes gargle with mouthwash-although not so often- but the news that I've got to lose my wisdom teeth shocked me, and all I could imagine was painful moments are ahead of me T__T *menangis air terjun* But my mom said that we could make another appointment (5th Jan ye, ahem) As for me, if anyone even cares to listen-well if they could actually listen to me, monologue with myself, I don't even want to 'pluck out those teeth of mine! The heck I care if I have to bear the pain whenever I eat! (Well now, takdelah rasa macam tak concern dengan gigi tu.)
So anyway, I would very much like to share how my scaling moments with Doctor. It hurts. Big time O_O tak tahulah dentist tu pegi scaling gusi gusi tu skali, tapi rasa dia, sakit. Masa dia start tu baca la bismillah, selawat, doa, dalam hati. Dalam hati tu keep on repeating Ya Allah Kau yang Berkuasa, lembutkanlah pergerakan dentist ni ya Allah. Aku lemah, dan tidak tahan pada kesakitan. Alhamdulillah awal-2 tu rasa sakit ala-ala gigit semut, err semut yang besar kot. Tapi ni bukan sakit gigit sangat, susah nak describe, sebab siap dengan bunyi macam tengah menggerudi kan. Ok tapi tu macam exaggerated pulak. Tapi memang sakit la. I've never really like scaling. Although it cleans out every bits of foods stucked between your teeth, and despite the smashing looking after-effect, I still dislike it, The feelings are just unbearable to me. Lepas siap tu, nak kumur, blood-coloured saliva and blood itself yang keluar. I had to gargle like 5 times to at least get a clearer spit, only that the colour was more or less pale yellow. Yepp, that's how 'bad' it was. Seriously rasa macam gusi bawah setiap gigi tu kena toreh :'|
Lepas tu ada satu gigi kena tampal. Alhamdulillah this would be the third time tampal. But the dentist didn't do polishing, as he said that my teeth has no stains :D Alhamdulillah. After I stand up, the dentist repeated the question of when should we start to remove my back teeth, because it should be conducted as soon as possible, 'the sooner the better' he said, and I actually did burst out -quite politely- "tapi kalau tak buat langsung, tak boleh ke?" with the most hideous scared looking face, then he said, "takk boleh. sebab it will affect other teeth." Now that's something! *facepalm*
If some of you doesn't know about wisdom tooth, it grows somewhat later, in your older age, when you have already had the permanent teeth. It varies between people. Some people have the wisdom tooth quite late, like my mom, she had them when she was late twenties. Oh and what meant by my wisdom teeth slanted, was that, which I had noticed clearly yesterday, my right wisdom tooth, half of it has been covered by my gum (yeah, I don't think this disturb you guys more than the other one), and my left tooth, may He protect it, has been fully, almost fully, 99% covered with the gum! (okay this is disturbing. Big time) Okay okay, stop with the shocking, facepalm, face already. Sebab gigi tu slanted, sampai gusi belakang tu boleh meliputi gigi tu. Hah! Full coverage! Pfft.
Anyway, doakan saya, the 'operation' will be held insha Allah on Jan 5th, I will be "biused" of course (I could sensed Miss Natasha shot a glaring look at me) (Oh Miss Natasha is my English Lecturer), tapi bukan yang boleh tidur punya, yang kebas effect punya. Huhu.

6. Being 'Angelic'

Angelic. Read: Innocent, Pure, Virtuous. (Malay; Baik Sesangat)

I remember when I was sitting for my PMR and my dad reminded me, "Baba ingat dulu, masa Raihana nak UPSR, Raihana akan baca Quran setip hari, banyak kali, buat solat sunat." And I know that Baba had noticed my changes in my habits, probably. You know, people who are closer with you are better mirrors than the mirror you are looking at in front of you. Ya, masa tu saya pun rasa diri ni tak macam dulu. Amalan harian tu tak terjaga. Sekarang pun, masih banyak perlu diperbaiki. Masih perlu istiqamah.

Baba always remind all of us, " Jangan nak exam je kita ingat Allah. Ibarat macam kita rasa diri bertuhan waktu exam je. Kena banyak istighfar. Solat sunat hajat, qiyam, bukan buat masa nak exam je, awal tahun lagi dah buat. Minta awal-awal. Kita patut malu degan diri sebab ingat kat Allah pada waktu tertentu, sedangkan Allah tidak pernah terlepas pandang kita, dan kita sebagai hamba wajar ingat Dia selalu." Dah macam norma, bila nak dekat exam buat solat hajat mega, puasa sunat et cetera. Tak salah, in fact daripada tak buat langsung, at least kita buat kan? Tetapi cuba tanya pada diri, molek kah kita sebagai hamba yang hina, yang dikurniakan abundant bounties from Allah SWT, free of charge,  tapi kufur nikmat, lupa, lalai, dan hanya memerlukan Dia pada waktu susah sahaja. Yes, we are imperfect humans, but that doesn't mean we should stop from correcting ourselves and become better 'abd Allah every day, right?

My friend once told me that her friend confided to her about her roommates that she was sharing with. It was a room of four, and that girl had to share it with three DQians (Darul Quran). She said she had a 'hard time' being in a room with the hafizahs, who are wearing tudung labuh, who are memorizing and reciting quran every day, because she couldn't wear shorts in the room, she felt she's being 'controlled' by the three sisters. Then I heard the girl's statement which caused my heart to ound harder than usual, that said, "susah kan jadi hafizah ni. aku tengok dorang kena jaga banyak benda. kalau macam kita yang tak hafal quran ni at least tak la rasa bersalah kalau buat salah sket sket." Astaghfirullah. Kadang-kadang kita kena bersabar, sebab tak semua orang faham sepenuhnya tentang Islam. And I would not say I'm a pro about my own religion, which is a shame of course, because I'm still learning. Cuma background sesorang tu yang tidak 'membenarkan' dia belajar tentang agama. Kita yang faham ni la yang kena tegur. At the same time tunjuk qudwah yang baik.

I don't blame that girl. It's just that it saddens me people would say as if someone needs to be a good muslim because he or her is learning about Islam more than that someone, or being a hafiz/hafizah, because he or she is more closer to Allah than other people-which in some point it's true, of course you are closer to Allah when you tingkatkan amalan. But it doesn't leave us who are still a Muslim to become ignorance in conforming to our religion's order. We cannot say we could commit sins from time to time and feel less guilty about it just because our amalan biasa-biasa saja. Because every second, we aged, we become older, and become closer to death.

We should be angelic, at all times. Well, we should try. It's either being late or never. And it's always better being late than never.

7. Pre Registration Havoc

So today dah boleh start pre-reg for intake Semester 2, 2012/2013 IIUM Gombak. And I've seen tweets like "Boleh beruban aku buat pre reg ni" O_O Lol ya sampai begitu sekali. Alang-alang, count me in! The page is hard to connect to when we presumed, lots of students are trying to register around the same time. Huh.

Alhamdulillah I managed to register 3 core civil law subjects which are Law of Torts 1, Law of Contracts 1, Malaysian Legal System. Besides that, we also have to add three more syariah law subjects which are to be learnt fully in Arabic *facepalm* *mulut terlopong* as well as BM, -yepp kami bebudak law kena ambik BM ye rerakan *high school memories flashes in mind*- Unggas (Don't ask me, I'm not very sure about this subject either) also co curicullum which to be added when we entered there this January.

So all these are equivalent to 8 subjects plus cocu. Again ! *mata terbeliak* Talk about the major focus we should be during lectures - terpaksa kena bersiap sedia dengan rerakan yang ajak berbisik pasal movies,sejarah silam, etc, dan MENGHIRAUKAN mereka!- okay that's kinda harsh T_T|| Eheh ^^" *buat tak nampak kemarahan #YYAians* but, whattodo? Ottokeo? You can't help yourself from being more serious and focus than ever when you have to cope with 8 subjects?! Ni tak pikir lagi bab mid term exam, bab finals! Ohmai! O.O'" Huhu. Focus is wajib. Period.

The fact that I have to learn 3 subjects in Arabic worries me big time. My arabic is honestly, not that good compared to my other colleagues who are taking Syariah Law course as well. It annoyed me a little when I heard a good pal of mine dah siap pegi tuition arab T___T It makes me feel hopeless! At a second. But I have to have faith in my du'a, in Him that will always listens to my prayer, in myself, so that I could trust myself to reach for the top *mata berkaca* *semangat meningkat tetiba*

Besides, my parents are putting high hopes on me, and why would I let them down? After SPM, what I really want to do is accomplish excellence in my results, for my parents, and most importantly for my religion. Kita berhajat nak berjaya dalam hidup ni sewajarnya untuk berjuang dalam agama. Educated Muslims are very highly needed. In fact, the Quran mentioned about educated people in such a way that they are very special, very close to Him. Buat sesuatu kerana Allah. To achieve Mardhotillah (Redha Allah).

[3:7] Dia-lah yang menurunkan Al Kitab (Al Qur'an) kepada kamu. Di antara (isi) nya ada ayat-ayat yang muhkamaat, itulah pokok-pokok isi Al qur'an dan yang lain (ayat-ayat) mu-tasyaabihaat. Adapun orang-orang yang dalam hatinya condong kepada kesesatan, maka mereka mengikuti sebagian ayat-ayat yang mutasyaabihaat daripadanya untuk menimbulkan fitnah untuk mencari-cari takwilnya, padahal tidak ada yang mengetahui takwilnya melainkan Allah. Dan orang-orang yang mendalam ilmunya berkata: "Kami beriman kepada ayat-ayat yang mutasyaabihaat, semuanya itu dari sisi Tuhan kami." Dan tidak dapat mengambil pelajaran (daripadanya) melainkan orang-orang yang berakal.

Read more:

I thought of posting a picture of the schedules, but the original would just give you guys headache by just seeing it. Probably I'll show the one that I jot down.

Anyway, let's not stop reciiting Qunut Nazilah for our beloved brothers and sisters in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Rohingya, Chechnya, Guantanamo Bay, Philipines wa fi kulli makan wa zaman.

'Till then, ciao!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Random Celotehs


Assalamualaikum wbt peeps!

Suddenly I've the feeling that it has been awhile since I've posted 'interactive' entries. Interactive here means I 'communicate' with you guys like I used to through my posts. Babbles like I used to ;P Since the previous post, I think I would like to 'liven up' my blog a bit. Andddd I've got some interesting, intriguing, serious, celotehs to share with you guys!

1. Pukau

This is, a very very important and severe notice, to all of us, who are at most of our times become the pedestrians, the public people, outside -of course- and being careful at any time should be our greatest concern. Last two days I read a conversation between two of my colleagues from CFS at Twitter and one of them had been hypnotized (malay; pukau) by a man who claimed himself by the name of HAFIZ. An AFRICAN AMERICAN/CANADIAN. My friend kena pukau at MID VALLEY !! O___O That crazy man aproached my friend by getting him into a conversation, talking about Islamic brotherhood. The man used the name of Allah to get my friend's attention and according to the Twitter conversations between my two pals, the ruthless criminal was asking about directions or about the time when my friend suddenly being hypnotized! And my friend also reminded me to be cautious at all times especially that this man is around PJ area!! And not forget to mention that my friend was the second victim, at Mid Valley. So I supposed the target place is at malls where lots of people are scurrying here and there and don't have time to notice slightest little unfortunate events. And my friend lost RM600, as the effect of this pukau memukau. May Allah protect him, protect all of us. What pissed me is that the filthy fellow has been wandering around talking about Islam when he probably doesn't even have any single knowledge about Islam and would have intended to corrupt Islam to the eyes of the people. This is non-arguably serious. And I really hope you guys could spread this message.
Let's not forget to recite 3 Qul and Ayat Qursi daily. Also recite bismillahi tawakkaltu 'alallah la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah al 'alim al 'azim.

Banyakkan doa and selawat, and yakin! Yakin bahawa Dialah sebaik Pelindung. Allahu Akbar!

2. 'Foxy Loxy'

Yesterday my siblings and I went to Tok's house for a day. Baba said it's like a resting treat for me because I've been doing a lot of cooking lately :B Anyways, I've learned more recipes from Makcik and insha Allah would try to cook them myself at home for my family.

So what is this about, musang? Well,,, it's also interesting to share that the guest room downstairs at Tok's house had this absolutely intriguing bad odour that your head can't 'resist' from getting a headache because of the aweful smell. And surprise surprise, the smell had been caused by a dead fox on the ceiling! Oh please let me repeat this for you. A-dead-fox-on-the-ceiling!! Now why didn't I think of that when I first entered the room? =.=" You guys cannot possibly tell how speechless I was yesterday. I kept repeating "Hah??? Musang????!!!! Biar betul??? Eh betul kee????"

Haha kelakar pun ada. Tak sangka musang boleh ada kat tengah tengah PJ ni. I mean talk about the relevance and the venue. And it's not as if my Tok's house is surrounded with trees or situated near forest or something. Well despite how intrigued I was by this 'devastating' news of a dead fox - err of course it's devastating, I mean there was a dead fox!- I'm very much calm with the news that it's dead, or won't it harm my beloved grandparents??? The picture is hard to imagine. Wana'uzhubillah.

So makcik and tok did heard stomping sounds from the ceiling from that room and when my tok fetched my tok wan, he simply replied there is a probability the sound came from a "biawak". Right. Sure it makes sense! T__T|| But after a few days, the smell was so furiously smelly and it came through the ceiling ventilator, it was the right time to call someone for help. And that's what my tok did. She called the Odd Jobs guys to help and find out what's been giving out the foul smell. Later makcik told me the chinese guy said, "Itu musang wo! Manyak besar wo!" And he complained that their clothes were stinking because of clearing the ceiling and removing the dead poor fox. Ugh.
Oh and I entittled this short 'story' with Foxy Loxy as inspired by the character with the similar name in Chicken Little.

3. Chicken Porridge
This last 5 days, our family has been infected with fever, cough, flu and not to mention almost every one in the house, one by one, has gruf voice issues (if you know what I mean). Alhamdulillah most of us has cured, (I've got a family of 6 fyi) but Baba's fever returned again yesterday. It really got me on hold and after felt Baba's forehead, the burning sensation that triggers my hand receptors caused me to feel more worrier than ever. Not to mention Baba has got high blood pressure, a more worrisome news that we've got from the doctor three days ago. Ever since school holiday started, my mom and I, and occasionally my sister Rayyan, had been ze importante ladies in the house. Cooking is something I do more often these few months (since end october, when my long holiday started). Mama, Makcik, Tok and Mak Teh are my cooking gurus. I've learned a lot from them and alhamdulillah my cooking skills improve from time to time. During these ill days I've been taking care of Baba's foods, besides my mom being the important soul. And last time when my dad got really bad fever, I cooked him chicken porridge (for the first time) and I was glad that Baba ate it gratefully. Baba has been complimenting my cooking a lot and I can't even feeling fluttered about it thoroughly when inside me I'm very much worried of him. Last night when my mom was doing chores, I take a look at my sleeping Baba and felt the fever burn, and placed ice cubes into a small towel and placed it onto my dad's forehead. Baba taught us whenever we have fever, we should deal it with ice cubes to cool it down. It does awesome when you place it underneath your armpit and on top of your forehead. Of course you should wrap the cubes with small towel or something. Just like last time when my dad took care of me, I would want to very much be beside him whenever I could. Today, alhamdulillah, looking at Baba's face not looking red anymore and his favour of asking me to cook chicken soup (again, this was my first tryout- and my sisters and Baba complimented it ;D hehe) , makes me feel much much more grateful to Allah than ever, for returning the health, to all of us.
Sometimes when you stumbled upon a challenge/challenges, you will remember who you are on this earth, who you are to Allah. And also the 5 perkara sebelum 5 perkara. (yeah me and my bahasa rojak) Sihat sebelum sakit. Muda sebelum tua. Lapang sebelum sempit. Kaya sebelum miskin. Hidup sebelum mati. Every hour, every minute and every second, we should remember all the bounties given by Allah. How could we possibly be kufur nikmat to all the wonderful things He had given us. How could we commit sins at the time when we are healthy, when we are young, when we have wealth, during leisure times, and become closer to Allah when all those 'matters' turned upside down?
Jom muhasabah diri.
4. Next Week = Busy Busy Week
I've got lots and lots of things to do next week. Starting with within Monday and Wednesday I have to complete my work in printing and copying the necessary documents and papers I need for applying the Yayasan Cemerlang scholarship besides returning Pub and Pro file to the Law Department at CFS. Not only that I've got some sijils to be enquired from other departments, so my guess is that I have to go back to CFS for the second time. My handphone seems to become a big problem now to me because I can't make calls and send messages besides receiving phone calls and receive messages T___T Tak pasti masalah sim card ke (tapi bila masukkan kt handphone Rayyan ada service signal pulak) or masalah handphone (tapi bila sim card Rayyan masuk ok je!). Ugh. Tensi ye saya =_=|| Soo, kena pergi service center. I've been calling Celcom loads of time already and they said that my sim card is fine. So Sony service center la my destination. It's hard for not being able to receive messages or phone calls when your friends connect with you via phone most of the time.
Also insha Allah at the end of next week my sisters and I and my cousin Nadia, and my pals are going to attend one of the superb event of the year which is Twins of Faith ! :D The event held for two days, Saturday and Sunday so I considered my next weekend, pretty busy.
Soo I think I've celotehs too much. If any of you would like to random celoteh to me, simply post them in the comment box and I'd be happy to 'listen' :) Kbai!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shout Out For Biasiswa-Seekers!


Assalamualaikum wbt peeps! :D

Sooo, as the tittle defines itself, this entry is especially for all of you who are currently seeking for scholarships, especially, if you are -like me- who are about to pursue degree levels at universities or colleges, who vitally 'need' financial assistance.

Alhamdulillah I've received my offer letter to UIAM Gombak next 29th Jan. And I've also acknowledge the amounts to be paid for my about 4 years study there as a law student. Here is a bit of my 'le offer letter' (of course, it was received via email. pfft)

Ehe nampak dok? And please don't mind why I even bother to highlight my hostel's name T_T Anyways, as you can see the average cost is quite a large sum, well of course it's incomparable to some of the critical science courses, but still. RM 46, 356 mann?!

So yeah, currently I'm an eligible scholarship seeker ;B And I've been wandering about at this awesome website! Siap bagi list of deadlines  lagi. What I could tell you guys is that it is just superbly convenient! :) I've also listed this website into my one of my Le Awesome list on the right side of my blog, bawah sket tu.

Current scholarhips opened for us seekers are Shell, Anchora-Khazanah, ... and for us future lawyers -insha Allah- (besides other common courses) the only scholarship application opened for us is Tun Rahah Scholarship Fund! or also known as Yayasan Cemerlang. Alhamdulillah! The dateline is 20th January 2013. So, apa tunggu lagi? Let's hurry up and apply :) Insha Allah jika ada rezeki tu, adalah. Doa, usaha, tawakal :D

As you can read from le terms and conditions, the minimum requirement is 5 A's in SPM/ 3 A's in STPM. Le award details:

The Award will entitle Recipient to the following:
a) Full scholarship: covers tuition, living expenses and full waiver on all registration and annual fees.
b) Bursary: covers tuition fees only.

This Award is not transferable and not redeemable into cash.
Please do read the terms and conditions carefully. And most important reminder here is that the borang should be sent by MAIL at the address given.
I really really, really really, really really really hope to achieve scholarship awards. It really means a lot to me. I do hope you guys could pray for my friends and I, all of us, who are dreadfully need the fund. Huhu.
Hope you guys could benefit from this entry. 'Till my next post, wassalam!
Ps. I am currently frantically in search of my SPM SLIP! T____T Please pray for me so I could find it, pronto. Huhu
Pss. Lots of you guys have asked me about my so-called novel-nipis (very very nipis I tell you), which is supposedly due this month o.o"" eeeeeps! Sorry guys, honestly belum habis lagi *facepalm* BUT of course I have to release it this month no matter what -insha Allah- sebab tak berapa nak gemar dengan kerja separuh jalan. Biar lambat, asal selamat? (Err)
Psss. Non fiction entittled BULI tu pun ada sequel dia. Huhu, hope you guys belum lose hope lagi. Tunggu ya! ^^" *mata berkaca* (penuh harapan kalian memahami diri ini)

Monday, December 17, 2012

"In The Remembrance of Him, Do Hearts Find Rest"

Assalamualaikum wbt peeps! :D insha Allah our usrah topic for today is a topic that should be highly discussed and pondered to, and it's depicted from Dr A'id al Qarni's lovely
Chef-d'oeuvre (read: masterpiece), Don't Be Sad / La Tahzan (page 56-58). Enjoyyyy!
Verily, In The Remembrance of Allah, Do Hearts Find Rest.
"Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rests." {Quran 13:28}
Truthfulness is beloved by Allah and is purifying soap for the heart. And there is no deed that gives such pleasure to the heart, or has greater reward, than the remembrance of Allah.
"Therefore, remember Me, and I will remember you." {Quran 2: 152}
Reembrance of Allah is His paradise on earth, and whoever does not enter it will not enter the Paradise of the Hereafter. Remembrance is not only a safe heaven from the problems and worries of this world, but it is also the short and easy path to achieving ultimate success. Read the various revealed texts that refer to the remembrance of Allah and you will appreciate its benefits.
When you remember Allah, clouds of worry and fear are driven away, and the mountains that make up your problems are blown away.
We should not be surprised when we hear that people who remember Allah are at peace. What is truly surprising is whow the negligent and unmindful survive without remembering Him.
"[They are] dead, lifeliess, and they know not when they will raised up." {Quran 16: 21}
O whosoever complains of sleepless nights and is in shock over his misfortune, call out His Holy Name.
"Do you know any of that is similar to Him! {There is nothing similar unto Him and He is the All-Hearer, All-Seer]" {Quran 19: 65}
To the degree that you remember Allah your heart will be calm and cheerful. His remembrance carries with it the meaning of calm and cheerful. His remembrance carries with it the meaning of total dependance upon Him, of turning Him for aid, of having good thoughts about Him, and of waiting victory from Him. Truly, He is near when supplicated. He hears when He is called and He answers when He is invoked, so humble yourself before Him, and ask of Him sincerely. Repeat His beautiful blessed name, and mention Him as being alone worthy of worship. mention His praises, supplicate to Hima nd ask forgiveness from Him; you will then find -by the will of Allah- happiness, peace, and illumination.
"So Allah gave them reward of this world, and the excellent reward of the Hereafter." {Quran 3:148}

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"The Past is Gone Forever."

Assalamualaikum wbt to my dear readers :D Alhamdulillah suddenly the feeling of yearning to blog trespass the 'barrier of blogging laziness' within me. Yes, sometimes I do get that kind of feeling, especially that you have been thinking and arranging words to be formed in your mind but realized you are 'too lazy' to type it out and share with lots of wonderful people. Well, this is certainly an attitude I should change, especially that when I've niat that I want to share beneficial posts with you guys.
Insha Allah this entry as you could read from the tittle, I've extracted it from a book that I'm currently engrossed to and read -besides Mazha Yakni and Hunger Games- La Tahzan or Don't Be Sad by Dr A'id al-Qarni. I would definitely suggest this highly beneficial book to you guys! This book is highly recommendable due to its functions as a key to happiness and a gateway to become a much much better Muslim. The tittle is one of its subtopic and I surely hope you guys could finish reading this whole entry and hopefully gain lots of benefits from it. ( ) marks the synonyms of the word before it, because this book's vocabulary are a bit tough to us -normal english speaking with moderate number of grammatical errors understanding- Anyway, the most important thing that I would love to highlight is that this book as mentioned by the author has been written "for anyone who is living through pain and grief or who has been afflicted with a hardship, a hardship that results in sadness and restless nights. For the cure, I have filled the pages of this book with dosages taken from various sources- the Quran, the Sunnah, poetry, poignant anecdotes (narrative story of incidents), parables (legends), and true stories."
By brooding over the past and its tragedies, one exhibits a form of insanity- a kind of sickess that destroys resolve to live for the present moment. Those who have a firm purpose have filed away and forgotten occurrences of the past, which will never again see light, since they occupy such a dark place in the recesses (rest) of the mind. Episodes of the past are finished with; sadness cannot retrieve them, melancholy cannot make things right, and depression will never bring the past back to life. This is becaue the past is non-existent. (no longer exist)
Do not live in the nightmares of former times or under the shade of what you have missed. Save yourself from the ghostly apparition (phantom) of the past. Do you think that you can return the sun to the place of rising, the baby to a mother's womb, milk to the udder, or tears to the eye? By constantly dwelling on the past and its happenings, you place yourself in a very frightful and tragic state of mind.
Reading too much into the past is a waste of the present. When Allah mentioned the affairs of the previous nations, He, the Exalted, said: {That was the nation who has passed away.} (Quran 2:134)
Former days are gone and done with, and you benefit nothing by carrying out an autopsy over them, by turning back the wheels of history.
The person who lives in the past, is like someone who tries to saw sawdust. Of old, they used to say: "Do not remove the dead from their graves."
Our tragedy is that we are incapable of dealing with the present: neglecting our beautiful castles, we wail over dilapidated (ramshackle) buildings. If every man and every jinn were to try jointly to bring back the past, they would most certainly fail. Everything on earth marches forward, preparing for a new season - and so should you.