Friday, December 21, 2012

Random Celotehs


Assalamualaikum wbt peeps!

Suddenly I've the feeling that it has been awhile since I've posted 'interactive' entries. Interactive here means I 'communicate' with you guys like I used to through my posts. Babbles like I used to ;P Since the previous post, I think I would like to 'liven up' my blog a bit. Andddd I've got some interesting, intriguing, serious, celotehs to share with you guys!

1. Pukau

This is, a very very important and severe notice, to all of us, who are at most of our times become the pedestrians, the public people, outside -of course- and being careful at any time should be our greatest concern. Last two days I read a conversation between two of my colleagues from CFS at Twitter and one of them had been hypnotized (malay; pukau) by a man who claimed himself by the name of HAFIZ. An AFRICAN AMERICAN/CANADIAN. My friend kena pukau at MID VALLEY !! O___O That crazy man aproached my friend by getting him into a conversation, talking about Islamic brotherhood. The man used the name of Allah to get my friend's attention and according to the Twitter conversations between my two pals, the ruthless criminal was asking about directions or about the time when my friend suddenly being hypnotized! And my friend also reminded me to be cautious at all times especially that this man is around PJ area!! And not forget to mention that my friend was the second victim, at Mid Valley. So I supposed the target place is at malls where lots of people are scurrying here and there and don't have time to notice slightest little unfortunate events. And my friend lost RM600, as the effect of this pukau memukau. May Allah protect him, protect all of us. What pissed me is that the filthy fellow has been wandering around talking about Islam when he probably doesn't even have any single knowledge about Islam and would have intended to corrupt Islam to the eyes of the people. This is non-arguably serious. And I really hope you guys could spread this message.
Let's not forget to recite 3 Qul and Ayat Qursi daily. Also recite bismillahi tawakkaltu 'alallah la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah al 'alim al 'azim.

Banyakkan doa and selawat, and yakin! Yakin bahawa Dialah sebaik Pelindung. Allahu Akbar!

2. 'Foxy Loxy'

Yesterday my siblings and I went to Tok's house for a day. Baba said it's like a resting treat for me because I've been doing a lot of cooking lately :B Anyways, I've learned more recipes from Makcik and insha Allah would try to cook them myself at home for my family.

So what is this about, musang? Well,,, it's also interesting to share that the guest room downstairs at Tok's house had this absolutely intriguing bad odour that your head can't 'resist' from getting a headache because of the aweful smell. And surprise surprise, the smell had been caused by a dead fox on the ceiling! Oh please let me repeat this for you. A-dead-fox-on-the-ceiling!! Now why didn't I think of that when I first entered the room? =.=" You guys cannot possibly tell how speechless I was yesterday. I kept repeating "Hah??? Musang????!!!! Biar betul??? Eh betul kee????"

Haha kelakar pun ada. Tak sangka musang boleh ada kat tengah tengah PJ ni. I mean talk about the relevance and the venue. And it's not as if my Tok's house is surrounded with trees or situated near forest or something. Well despite how intrigued I was by this 'devastating' news of a dead fox - err of course it's devastating, I mean there was a dead fox!- I'm very much calm with the news that it's dead, or won't it harm my beloved grandparents??? The picture is hard to imagine. Wana'uzhubillah.

So makcik and tok did heard stomping sounds from the ceiling from that room and when my tok fetched my tok wan, he simply replied there is a probability the sound came from a "biawak". Right. Sure it makes sense! T__T|| But after a few days, the smell was so furiously smelly and it came through the ceiling ventilator, it was the right time to call someone for help. And that's what my tok did. She called the Odd Jobs guys to help and find out what's been giving out the foul smell. Later makcik told me the chinese guy said, "Itu musang wo! Manyak besar wo!" And he complained that their clothes were stinking because of clearing the ceiling and removing the dead poor fox. Ugh.
Oh and I entittled this short 'story' with Foxy Loxy as inspired by the character with the similar name in Chicken Little.

3. Chicken Porridge
This last 5 days, our family has been infected with fever, cough, flu and not to mention almost every one in the house, one by one, has gruf voice issues (if you know what I mean). Alhamdulillah most of us has cured, (I've got a family of 6 fyi) but Baba's fever returned again yesterday. It really got me on hold and after felt Baba's forehead, the burning sensation that triggers my hand receptors caused me to feel more worrier than ever. Not to mention Baba has got high blood pressure, a more worrisome news that we've got from the doctor three days ago. Ever since school holiday started, my mom and I, and occasionally my sister Rayyan, had been ze importante ladies in the house. Cooking is something I do more often these few months (since end october, when my long holiday started). Mama, Makcik, Tok and Mak Teh are my cooking gurus. I've learned a lot from them and alhamdulillah my cooking skills improve from time to time. During these ill days I've been taking care of Baba's foods, besides my mom being the important soul. And last time when my dad got really bad fever, I cooked him chicken porridge (for the first time) and I was glad that Baba ate it gratefully. Baba has been complimenting my cooking a lot and I can't even feeling fluttered about it thoroughly when inside me I'm very much worried of him. Last night when my mom was doing chores, I take a look at my sleeping Baba and felt the fever burn, and placed ice cubes into a small towel and placed it onto my dad's forehead. Baba taught us whenever we have fever, we should deal it with ice cubes to cool it down. It does awesome when you place it underneath your armpit and on top of your forehead. Of course you should wrap the cubes with small towel or something. Just like last time when my dad took care of me, I would want to very much be beside him whenever I could. Today, alhamdulillah, looking at Baba's face not looking red anymore and his favour of asking me to cook chicken soup (again, this was my first tryout- and my sisters and Baba complimented it ;D hehe) , makes me feel much much more grateful to Allah than ever, for returning the health, to all of us.
Sometimes when you stumbled upon a challenge/challenges, you will remember who you are on this earth, who you are to Allah. And also the 5 perkara sebelum 5 perkara. (yeah me and my bahasa rojak) Sihat sebelum sakit. Muda sebelum tua. Lapang sebelum sempit. Kaya sebelum miskin. Hidup sebelum mati. Every hour, every minute and every second, we should remember all the bounties given by Allah. How could we possibly be kufur nikmat to all the wonderful things He had given us. How could we commit sins at the time when we are healthy, when we are young, when we have wealth, during leisure times, and become closer to Allah when all those 'matters' turned upside down?
Jom muhasabah diri.
4. Next Week = Busy Busy Week
I've got lots and lots of things to do next week. Starting with within Monday and Wednesday I have to complete my work in printing and copying the necessary documents and papers I need for applying the Yayasan Cemerlang scholarship besides returning Pub and Pro file to the Law Department at CFS. Not only that I've got some sijils to be enquired from other departments, so my guess is that I have to go back to CFS for the second time. My handphone seems to become a big problem now to me because I can't make calls and send messages besides receiving phone calls and receive messages T___T Tak pasti masalah sim card ke (tapi bila masukkan kt handphone Rayyan ada service signal pulak) or masalah handphone (tapi bila sim card Rayyan masuk ok je!). Ugh. Tensi ye saya =_=|| Soo, kena pergi service center. I've been calling Celcom loads of time already and they said that my sim card is fine. So Sony service center la my destination. It's hard for not being able to receive messages or phone calls when your friends connect with you via phone most of the time.
Also insha Allah at the end of next week my sisters and I and my cousin Nadia, and my pals are going to attend one of the superb event of the year which is Twins of Faith ! :D The event held for two days, Saturday and Sunday so I considered my next weekend, pretty busy.
Soo I think I've celotehs too much. If any of you would like to random celoteh to me, simply post them in the comment box and I'd be happy to 'listen' :) Kbai!

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