Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shout Out For Biasiswa-Seekers!


Assalamualaikum wbt peeps! :D

Sooo, as the tittle defines itself, this entry is especially for all of you who are currently seeking for scholarships, especially, if you are -like me- who are about to pursue degree levels at universities or colleges, who vitally 'need' financial assistance.

Alhamdulillah I've received my offer letter to UIAM Gombak next 29th Jan. And I've also acknowledge the amounts to be paid for my about 4 years study there as a law student. Here is a bit of my 'le offer letter' (of course, it was received via email. pfft)

Ehe nampak dok? And please don't mind why I even bother to highlight my hostel's name T_T Anyways, as you can see the average cost is quite a large sum, well of course it's incomparable to some of the critical science courses, but still. RM 46, 356 mann?!

So yeah, currently I'm an eligible scholarship seeker ;B And I've been wandering about at this awesome website! Siap bagi list of deadlines  lagi. What I could tell you guys is that it is just superbly convenient! :) I've also listed this website into my one of my Le Awesome list on the right side of my blog, bawah sket tu.

Current scholarhips opened for us seekers are Shell, Anchora-Khazanah, ... and for us future lawyers -insha Allah- (besides other common courses) the only scholarship application opened for us is Tun Rahah Scholarship Fund! or also known as Yayasan Cemerlang. Alhamdulillah! The dateline is 20th January 2013. So, apa tunggu lagi? Let's hurry up and apply :) Insha Allah jika ada rezeki tu, adalah. Doa, usaha, tawakal :D

As you can read from le terms and conditions, the minimum requirement is 5 A's in SPM/ 3 A's in STPM. Le award details:

The Award will entitle Recipient to the following:
a) Full scholarship: covers tuition, living expenses and full waiver on all registration and annual fees.
b) Bursary: covers tuition fees only.

This Award is not transferable and not redeemable into cash.
Please do read the terms and conditions carefully. And most important reminder here is that the borang should be sent by MAIL at the address given.
I really really, really really, really really really hope to achieve scholarship awards. It really means a lot to me. I do hope you guys could pray for my friends and I, all of us, who are dreadfully need the fund. Huhu.
Hope you guys could benefit from this entry. 'Till my next post, wassalam!
Ps. I am currently frantically in search of my SPM SLIP! T____T Please pray for me so I could find it, pronto. Huhu
Pss. Lots of you guys have asked me about my so-called novel-nipis (very very nipis I tell you), which is supposedly due this month o.o"" eeeeeps! Sorry guys, honestly belum habis lagi *facepalm* BUT of course I have to release it this month no matter what -insha Allah- sebab tak berapa nak gemar dengan kerja separuh jalan. Biar lambat, asal selamat? (Err)
Psss. Non fiction entittled BULI tu pun ada sequel dia. Huhu, hope you guys belum lose hope lagi. Tunggu ya! ^^" *mata berkaca* (penuh harapan kalian memahami diri ini)

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