Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today I will be Happier than A Bird with A French Fry

Alhamdulillah, today is a good day fr me. I mean, why it shouldn't be? I'm starting to loosening up after those headaches and exhaustion, so i guess i could start studying my arab tday. Somehow, i managed to say that i honestly LOVE all the subjects that i've learned now. And that's a really good news fr me. I mean, even tho tht sometimes i can't find the answer to my algebra but that doesn't mean i can't find the answaer of all the mathematical question in the world. and yess, that's a quote my dear(: I just want to enjoy my life in highschool as much as possible, because if i missed them, i would feel regret. and i loathe 'regrettion' (if there's such word) and i just want a happy life that's all. So, all i have to is live happy by being one of the best human being in the world. Get our beloved Prophet fr an example, then you walk with his character, and then you are in Happyland. With love (:

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