Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yesterday Morning Was A Happy Morning

Assalamualaikum and a very good 8.38 am in the morning :)

So today, I'm going to share with all of you peeps, about yesterday morning. I. Am Soooo damn happy ! :D
Alhamdulillah. He let me meet up with my old friends again, and that is something that I would love to have the chance every single day :')

Yesterday I went to SB 5th Annual Academic Excellence Award -AEA at Kuliyyah of Engineering UIAM.
Many new faces that I saw yesterday, like memanglah, I've left SB for two years kan, haha. But I like the performances that they did yesterday and mostly were about Palestine : ) The Nasheed group was the most awesome. The final touch yesterday was a performance of Laskar Pelangi song, the singer, Rahman, is Rayyan's friend and mostly in the band : ada drummer, 3 violin players, a boy at the piano, 3 guitar players and if I'm not mistaken, the guitars were different kinds, err kan ada banyak jenis kan? Then ada choir group sekali :D haha hebat kan? The performance wasn't bad at all, and if you give me a 1- 10 scale I'll rate 8 :) The band consists students from form 4 and form 5.

But that's not really my point of posting this post, in fact, the performances contributed only 1 % of my happiness yesterday. I get to meet my old friends again. Yeppp, and I don't think you know how I felt yesterday when I get to hug my best friends : Husna, Kyra, Nani, and get to hold their hands again, and get to meet my buddies Zaid, Zafran and Faez. Everything were so touching. I sat beside Husna when she cried because of joy, she got the Best Student Award because she's contributed a lot to that school and besides, she got straight a's for her SPM. Congrats Husna ! :D And Zaid, also got the award for Best Student, he also has contributed a lot to SB and he got 10 a's for SPM. Congrats Zaid ! :D And to all my friends that I get to meet yesterday, including Nana, Atikah and Irsalina, and especially to Kyra, Nani, Zafran, Faez, Tun, CONGRATULATIONS ! I'm soo happy for all of you : ) Insha Allah we will meet again. And I was also a lil bit disappointed coz Qila, Tera and Alia wasn't there. Aisyah pun takde :( Hope to see you guys sooner or later.

To Zafran and Nani, all the best for this coming PLKN siri 8 Kump 2 : ) Alah, mula2 je you guys feel like you're going to a Camp Hell, tapi lama2 you guys will enjoy it. Like seriously. And to Zaid, insha Allah you'll get the Khazanah scholarship. Keep on praying buddy ! :) And baik2 kerja kat Dominoes tu :P Husna, insha Allah you'll get JPA scholar, keep praying too :D And to Tera and Alia, all the best at Taylor's. Qila, Kyra, Nani, waiting is okay, haha I pun sama now. Insha Allah all of us will achieve what we want : )

Congratulations also to my sisters Rayyan and Raihan for getting excellent results in year 2010. Alhamdulillah both of them got the awards for Best in Subjects - each of them got 4 awards ( @_@ ) and also got another award for 2nd position in class. Hehe I'm soo proud of both you. Keep up the good work okay? Rayyan also got the 9 A's Award and Raihan got the CGPA 4.0 Award. Oho, nampaknya kakak lah kena keep up dgn korang. Oh well.

All in all, I'm so proud for all of you guys and all of you has done your parts in SB. Each of you guys really contributed to our beloved SB.

And to my teachers in SB especially to Cikgu Latifah, Cikgu As, Cikgu Siti Salmah, Cikgu Marziyana, Cikgu Amin, Cikgu Zaid, and to all teachers in SB that has taught me when I was in SB for three years, thanks a million for everything! :D

I really really hoped that I could meet all of you again. And Zaid, HAHA thanks a lot for sharing some of your experiences in Kem Princess Heliza. I really am glad that you shared your stories especially about your Sabah girl haha.

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