Thursday, June 16, 2011

I've disappeared too long. So now I'm back with handfull of stories.

Assalamualaikum. And a very good 3.21 pm in the afternoon to all of you guys. Well, I'm back! I guess I deserved to be shouted "WHERE THE FREAKING HECK WERE YOU?!" at but I guess last time I don't really have the mood to write. Since this is, my blog so I only write when I feel like it. No need to push me or anything. But I am truly honoured that I still have my faithful readers asking me when am I going to write another post, so I guess I answered their 'prayers'.

Why do I suddenly decided to write again? Well, to be exact 'type' again. It's not because I'm leaving home in two days (tell you guys who are clueless about this later) but it's because I cannot stand reading someone else's blog and have a look, long, hard look at their blog designs that made me feel a lilttle bit envious and annoyed (bhaha, soorry ^-^" ) especially my sister's, Rayyan's, blog. Ugh. Sorry sis, sometimes I cannot help but feel a bit irritated and annoyed at your superb english and feel a lot more irritated and annoyed at my plain ol' plain ol' english plus with grammatical errors :P Haih. Tu lah. Bila baca buku, baca ikut perasaan, tahu emotional je. Tak tahu nak tengok sekali grammar dia and how the authors managed to write such beautiful and incredible stories. Vocab mereka, TERBAIKLAH! haha And I only have read some of Jody Picoult's, Nicholas Spark's books and other books authored by Kate Morgenroth and John Grisham. And that only half of them. Not their whole dozens of book collection to choose from. And not yet Stephen King's novels O_o"" Lagilah. Ternganga terus. Mau tak pegang buku dia yang berat tu kat sebelah kanan, kat tangan kiri pegang dictionary. Tak sanggup, tak sanggup O______O''' And not just King's, Patrick Suskind's "Perfume" story book also requires us who has this "less-vocab-problem" to do this. My friend who first read it when we were 14, she said almost every 2 or 5 seconds read some of the words, she have to look up to Mr. Oxford (the dictionary). This really tells us how numerously high vocabularies that Suskind has put in the book and how he really wants to torment by keep on looking into Mr. Oxford. Ha-ha. I guess I exaggerate a bit. Okay too much. Now this is how we never, okay, I, never going to be excellent with my english writings. It's because I'm too lazy to budge just a little bit, to change the situation. You have to do something with it if you want to have an excellent english, shouldn't you? I mean, I can't just lying arund, daydreaming, and become a superb person who speaks very fluent in english and writes it very well. There is always hardwork, determination on doing it so that you become successful. And this is a reminder for me. Not just because I have a grammar issue but because other issues including the fact that I'm entering UIA this Saturday and going to read law for maybe 4 years and complete my studies, I have to word damn hard, study really hard, work smartly to achieve my goal, of becoming a successful human being. Because then I have no other chances. I just have to kick the ball into the goal. I don't want to blew this away. Not after my SPM result last time, not after the regrets and tears, not after the heartbreaks.

Usaha itu tangga kejayaan. See, it's clearly stated! In order for me to achieve my goal, my success is by hardwork. Hardwork is only ladder to success. Plus doa and tawakal to Him. Always, always seek guidance to Him, for He is the only One that can help me, become a successful and satisfied human being. Nobody is perfect, yes. But there's always a room for improvement in order to be close as perfect. Perfection, something that everybody yearn for. A perfect life, a perfect job, a perfect family, a perfect figure, a perfect sate, a perfect academic performances, aperfect everything. But that's not going to happen. And I knew that. That's why we always have to keep on running, climbing to the topof the mountain, because we are not perfect. We are just human being who can be as close as perfect. Our beloved prophet Rasullah s.a.w has left us two things that will always guide us: the Quran and the as sunnah. What more I could ask for?

I pray so that we will have His blessings, so that He will always guide us, never leave us alone to our own decisions. No more regrets, Rai. No more regrets.


  1. Glad that you're back! Congratulations again for entering UIA! I re-read your letter to me and shed tears sikit. :'( rindu gila kat awak!

  2. Awaaaak <3 Thanks fr reading this haha. I miss you so much tooooo and thanks fr still keeping my letter to you :') I'm so touched. All the best to you fatin :D keep in touch !

  3. :')
    Heart you forever.
    Keep writing, I'll be here always.

  4. gee thanks babe! miss youuu dmn much ! ;')