Friday, June 17, 2011

Somnolence In Me

Assalamualaikum and a very good 11.05 pm to all of you.

Whoa. Okay today my schedule was very hectic and busy. I had to do this and that and pack this and that and go macam-macam tempat lah! But it's alright. Baba said that I shouldn't be so tension dealing with all these and keep sighing about it because this shows that I'm not being grateful to Him after He has granted my prayers and given me what I really wanted. See how sometimes I act without thinking and how it reflect me to someone else, especially that someone is special someone and I'm very grateful again to Him for my dad to be part of my life. Baba never stops correcting me whenever I'm wrong and I'm very happy with it. Alhamdulillah everything has settled and I really thank baba and mama for helping me to fill up and do whatever that I am supposed to do according to the requirements. Shukran jazeelan ma, ba :D

Well I only intend to write a short post. So here goes my see-you-another-week-or-so wish :

"Guys! I'm going to CFS PJ tomorrow so I guess this is the last post until next week or so. Have thought about bringing laptop or desktop to hostel but maybe later I'll bring after all things have settled. Please pray for me so that I can settle great over there and study very well and get good grades. Don't worry I'll pray for you guys too :D Take care peeps! And din't forget to post at my wall in FB :) looking forward to receive Imissyou wall posts and messages HAHA -oh this is valid only for my girlfriends. ONLY. Okay, bye bye assalamualaikum !"

Hehe, well. I'm very very exhausted right now. Besides I have to wake up early tomorrow because my dad wants to arrive there early. So, 'till then. Good night peeps!


  1. selamat melangkah ke alam baru Raihana Nadhira Rafidi. :D

  2. Please take care and keep in touch, babe.
    I'm missing you, everyday.


  3. @eunsook : thanks sweetie! to you too babe ! Fatin Nurafiqah :D

    @aimisya: You take care too and keep in touch always insha Allah. Miss you tooooooo muax xoxo