Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lovebug (2010) Part 1

I was hoping it wouldn't get me.
But somehow, it does,
or I think it did.
I don't know.
I'm in confusion.
But then, something hit me,
no, not the bug of love,
but the bug of realization.
Yes, I just realized,
that this thing is not the dominant matter.
The thing that called love.
I've got other priorities,
shouldn't let my heart get tricked,
by the words of so-called love.
But action speaks louder than words, they say,
and yes, I assumed the sayings are true,
of course they are.
Because I somehow,
could not let this go easily.
Somehow it went hard,
hard as a solid compound,
made up of molecules of love.

Why is it love have to interfere your life?
Gosh Raihana, what a narrow mind of yours!
Love for God.
Love for the prophets.
Love for your parents.
Love, love, love,
for yourself.

You'll find your perfect knight of your life.

As the saying goes; Patience is the greatest virtue.

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