Friday, May 28, 2010

The Misconceptions of "I" and "You"

The misconceptions of the usage of "I"and "You" - We probably always hear that some teens prefer to use "I" and "You" in their writings or emails or comments to others, especially in Myspace, Facebook or whatsoever connecting commucations, other than use "Aku" and "Kau". While some others preferred otherwise. I mean, it's not a big deal, suits you if you want to use both, because "I" and "You" is like a kata ganti diri, same meaning as "Aku" and "Kau". Have you ever heard of statements such as ; "Gedik gila nak guna I You dalam meseg" or " Belagak Mat Saleh konon" ? Well I have and I disagree 100% of that. I mean, what is the problem of using the term I and You with BM?? I myself like to speak rojak. Okay I know its not good to speak rojak because you tend to, I don't know, well most parents doesn't prefer their kids to speak rojak. But I think I speak better rojak because words that I usually speak of are like : "Oh hey, you dah makan blom?" or "Don't you think it's quite penat to do all this?" I really like to speak in English and that does not mean I'm gedik. Haa, now I remember the actual motive why I'd post this post. This is because it's annoying when you hear someone said that you are some kind of gedik whn you speak in BI. What's wrong with it? I know that some schools in our country, their students prefer to speak in Malay, and some other like to speak in BI, and some just simply like both of the language. Fyi, BI is an international language and it's a fact. To tell you the truth, I myself prefer to use I and You than Kau or Aku. I speak to whichever gender with I and You EXCEPT when that person starts the conversation with Aku or Saya or Kita. I don't mind. However, at school, I usually use Aku or Kau with boys because the statement of I You usage in school is only for love couples. All I wanna say is that you have no right to say that that girl is some kind of gedik when you happen to read her comments or talk to others in FB or MS with I and You, because they are just nothing but a simply Kata Ganti Diri in BI. I am much preferred the word I and You that Ko and Aku. My mom saw me the other day, using the word Aku and Kau to a guyfriend, and she said why'd I used that, she thought that it was harsh. All I answered was that I only use I and You to some other people who are comfortable with it only that I also don't understand why should someone be uncomfortable when people use I and You to talk with them? I mean, don't be NARROW MINDED la. Don't think as if the usage of I and You is taboo, only can when you speak with you so-called boyfriends and girlfriends. To me, that statement is rubbish, because who would prefer to say : "Saya think awak looks great today" or "Aku hungry la. Let's have some foods at that restaurant. Why don't kau treat Aku this time?" It sounded even sillier. I'm sorry if I offended some of you, but I really want to put stop on the statement : Kau ni gedik bila cakap BI!

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