Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lovebug (2010) Part 2

It has been 2 years,
to be exact, I'm not very sure.
But about those years that I've made up my mind to not to,
try as best as I could not to fall again,
fall for love.
You already know,
about my stories of so-called love,
I wrote them in year 2008,
two posts that really had came from my heart.
I would like to apologize,
because none of those two,
were 100% true.
Of course when you are 'publishing' it to public,
you wouldn't want them to feel your hurt,
especially when one of them is the Person.
But then, I did managed to stumbled to another page of my life,
maybe I could say, another page of an untold love,
that is maybe new or the continue page of the past stories.
I'm writing about a girl who are confuse with her feelings,
there, can you understand now?
The Wonderful Soul seemed to be numerous in front of me,
or maybe I'm the only one who got blinded by their shines of wonderfulness.
I don't know,
I shouldn't even get easily disturbed, by this so-called emotion.
Now, why I even wrote it as a 'so-called' when it is true?
Again, I don't know.
The lovebug is the new story to tell.

O Allah, grant me the perfect choice of my life.
I don't want another regret,
and the past was really my own mistake.
I don't want another mistake,
of choosing what's right for me.
Because I know that You will accept my prayer,
of granting me the perfect knight of my life.

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