Monday, December 27, 2010

The DQ-ians :)

Bismillah. and alhamdulillah. I'm so prod of those who managed to enrol to Darul Quran. Congrats! And for those who did not, do not be sad, because I'm positively sure that Insya Allah you guys will get to a much better place. Adelah tu himah di sebaliknya :DD

So, I would like to bid BON VOYAGEEE to Saff, Nailah, Ummu, Norain and I know that you guys have left today :"( and I heard that you guys' phones like kena simpan for a week, so I guess, this is my only way to bid all of you wonderful peeps :/ But Insya Allah when I reached there - there where? there Sibu :P I'll contact you guys. On weekend lah. Hmm. I'll be missing all of you guys. All of us smaklians :(


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