Monday, December 27, 2010

This Is The Right Time - I guess

Bismillah. Okay, I guess I haven't exactly uar-uarkan in my blog about my going to PLKN. Yeahh, I got it.

At first, it was hard to acknowledged that I'm like compulsory - duhh - to go for PLKN and surprise surprise I got at Sibu, Sarawak :P Yeah, I know, it is so darn far. I mean, at first I wasn't prepared for PLKN, then I got to go to Sibu. How great is that? -.-" But I've prayed about it. So if this is where I should be going then there's no doubt I shouldn't go.

So if there is no halangan or anything, I'll be going this 2nd of Jan -yeah that early - and my parents will send me to Wangsa Maju, here for those who are going to Sabah and Sarawak have to berkumpul here. And I guess, after that I won't be 'seeing' all of you peeps for another THREE months! pfft. Oh well, just pray so that I won't get tanned so much!

I went to OU twice last weekend and apparently my stuff for PLKN is not well prepared yet. Mama asked me to packed my things the latest this Wednesday. Because this is Sibu we're talking about, its not like we could travel there for ten minutes. Oh my camp is at Bumimas, so anybody who would like to visit me, PLEASE COME will you? Heehee.

But I'm sick right now. I've got terrible cold and coughs, so do pray for my health, not just my health but OUR health :DD These are the names that I could remember would be going to PLKN - note that NONE of my buddies got the same camp as mine :P

> Aimisya, Aisyah Zailan, Rai, Syed, Kamil, Hakim, Nublan, Naim, Zaid, Keyya, Ane, Waniman, Wanimer, Shekkey, Mushi,  I'm sorry but I can't remember other names but there will be 6 of my buddies going to Sabah- how cool is that? And total pelajar smakl that got it is 33, if I'm not mistaken. sorry ^ ^"

Anyway, I'll update more about my buddies yang pergi. So, pray for us all the BOMB :)

I'm the Blue one. I shouldn't be that way, shouldn't I?

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