Sunday, December 19, 2010


So wohooo I'm back, again to tell, well no, babble to you about unimportant stuff. Well, now it is, I don't think telling you about my doings and goings is important but I just would like to write so I guess my only topic is talking about-

We didn't go to OU you see, because baba doesn't like traffic jam and fyi, lambat setengah jam je after 10, the road are packed with cars already, apart from OU being the Hottest Shopping Place ever, the Year End Sale is tumbling down right now, so many people would love to grab this and that, haha! So Rayyan keep on 'annoyingly' repeating that she has to buy stuff for her tukar2 hadiah tomorrow at Wangsa Walk, her primary schoolmates are making a reunion :P and she wanted to buy clothes so we went to Ikano and went to FOS. Before that we went to Brands Outlet and you should go there girls! The accessories are too fabulous! hehe and speaking of fabulous, the prices are too, fably cheap. Cute printed tees are sold 3 for rm50, the tops were latest in-thing and I haven't been to the next store yet, Padini, which I'm sure there are much much more to choose from. Oh well, I have to berjimat cermat, firstly because I still haven't buy my sister's headphone and ooh yes, we went to Popular and I viewed some of their mystery and crime collection, oooh very very deliciously captivating! You don't know how much I love mysteries and crimes stories Like Rayyan, I also adore John Grisham. My sister could finish the 400 pages book just one day! Oh well, just have to wait and make a cute bunny face to my mom or dad and they'll buy me one, heehee C=

Taylor said : Go out and  shop! ~

Okay so what I would like to press here is that: GO AHEAD GO OUT GO SHOP! YEAR END SALE IS COMING TO ITS ENDDDDD!!!! err too much? haha ^^" )

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  1. wahahha. shopping shopping and shopping again :) LIKE LIKE! will be missing you too Rai.

    See you soon. Muahs.
    Hey nice background. he.