Saturday, December 10, 2011

If I Die Young : Pre- Death Note (Part 2)

it's kinda hard for me to pour out the feelings that I had kept inside my heart,
the blend of feelings that I've had when I'm with my friends,
my friends that had willing to sacrifice their time, energy and almost everything,
just to be there for me,
just to comfort me when I'm feeling low,
just to make me laugh and made my day,
just to make me feel special,
just to be my friend.

I thank Him for all the chances that I'd get to know all of them,
such special people,
such wonderful friends.
Since small, 
I've never failed to make friends.
Alhamdulillah all of my friends,
they really really made my day,
although we've gone through tears and fights,
in the end of the day,
we will be holding hands with each other,
trying to create another memory,
with Blissful entitled to it.

I'm sorry,
for every wrong doings that I'd done to you guys,
for every moments that I'd failed to be there for all of you as a friend,
for every moment that I'd failed to help all of you when you needed me the most,
for every mistakes, and every hurting words, 
and I'm sorry if I couldn't help to ease all of your burden,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
will all of you forgive me?
Will all of you remember me as a good friend,
despite my mistakes,
despite my wrong doings,
I know that not all of you can forgive me if I'd done wrong to any of you.
I'm sorry that I'm easily forgetful,
if I couldn't be there to comfort all of you on time,
and apologize on time,
before your hearts torn deep,
because of me.
I'm terribly sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Thank you to all of my friends,
for every laughter,
for every joy,
for every happy moments,
for every meaningful moments,
for every support,
for every pray,
for everything.
Thank you very much friends.
All I need later is continuous pray,
for me from all of you.
Thank you my friends for everything.

To write down every moments that we'd shared here,
although it'll be wonderful to replay it, it'll be a long story.
It's not that I mind if I get to share our moments together to the world,
so that everyone could be envious of me,
it's just that every moments all of us had shared together,
have so many chapters and only be fair if the story been told from all of us together.
I'll never forget every moments,
sad, happy, tearful, joyful, moments with all of you.
Thank you again for everything.

To my primary school friends at Sekolah Rendah Islam Pintar,
Class of 7 Al- Farabi and,
especially to Nabihah, Anis, Nur Aisyah, Atikah, Farhana, Hanif, Naim, Azim.
To my secondary school friends at Sekolah Menengah Taman Ilmu dan Budi,
Class of 1,2,3 Al- Farabi, my mentees, and,
especially to Husna, Kyra, Qila, Hanani, Tera, Alia, Aisyah, Kak Fatin, Fatin naqiya, Nana,
Zaid, Mawi, Zafran, Rizwan, Arief.
To my secondary school friends at Sekolah Menengah Sri Aman,
Class of 4 Sains Bakti and ,
especially to Amiera, Syahira, Adha, Iman, Sabrina.
To my secondary school friends at Sekolah Menegah Kebangsaa Agama KL,
Class of 4 Ali and 5 Othman, Batch SPM 2010, Dorm Jauhari, my adik adik usrah tersayang, and,
especially to Insyirah, Jannah, Nab, Aimisya, Fasyak, Pah, Unie, Kak Ecah, Ayu, Wanimer, Yati,
Norain, Saffana, Nailah, Anis, Nani, Auni, ND, Syaierah Kaswan, Syafa,
Sobah, Mia, Syamin, Muslihah, Ana, Syaza, Nazira,
Nabihah, Syahira, Tun, and all of Puteri Form 5 2010.
To my friends that I've known from PLKN,
especially to Diyanah, Fatin Nurafiqah, Sheena, Fatin, Wana Wani, Izyan, Azura, Janah.
To my friends in CFS IIUM,
Law Group 323,
especially to Waniey, Bella, Shameema, Minn, Artika, Fara, Marina, Amal,
Aina, Husna, Faezah, Hanan, Ummi, Azura.
Guys, I want to apologize for any, any of my wrong doings.
Please halalkan segalanya.
Please take care of yourselves.
Jaga solat, jaga aurat, jaga kesihatan.

And thank you, thank you for EVERYTHING.
I cannot say thanks enough.
I cannot apologize enough.

I know my two pre-death notes aren't enough to explain everything.
But I really hope all of you could accept my apologies.
I'm trying, trying to be better. Insha Allah.
Everyday should be anew day for me.
Everyday should be a better Rai.

Take care.
May Allah bless all of you ~