Friday, November 18, 2011

A Quick Babble


Assalamualaikum peeps! How how are you guyss? Seriously, I have got loadsss of stories to write about but sadly I haven't got enough time. So why I'm giving alasan tak bawak laptop as the main reason for not keep updating my blog? ( duhh  I guess that's the main reason after all) Sorry, I'm still in that condition because I don't bring laptop so I can't really consistently updating my blog. Haigoo. Pathetic is me. Yeah I know.

So anyway just like the tittle promise, I'm just going to write a short quick babble (wah post pendek pun boleh 'babble' jugak eh? You ni minah babble apee??) - -"" I'm not. 'Minah Babble'. Ok fine. Not sangat SANGAT. But if you ask most of my friends of me, they would say I'm more on the talkative side :P heh whattodo. So anyway, I've passed the third week in CFS here , (mymylookatthetimeee!) and apparently my mid semester exam is jussssst around teh corner. Hari Isnin babe. Pukul 10 - 11 pagi. Anyone care enough to buy me a breakfast special? On that day I mean. An orange juice or pink guava juice, two toasts with the sides cut, with melting butter on top. Choices of blueberry jam or raspberry jam, Stella's Choice. Two hot pancakes with golden syrup. Omellete, filled with extra cheese and mushrooms. A fruit platter and a blueberry muffin to pack for my after-exam snack. Ehe. Kan it's a big day for me kan. ( ok roll your eyes at meee! I know I'm being TOO MUCH and you can also say mengada ngada) Well maybe it's my fault I'm writing with my tummy shouting 'hunggggryyyy, HUNGGGGGRYYYYYY!! Feed meeeeee!'. OOOOkay. Sorry for being quite disturbing. (What's with the TALKING INSIDES??? Eeeewww) Hahahah. Sorry sebab suka buat conversation sendiri. Aaaah, being pathetic. Again. Haigoo. ANYWAY, I don't really think my exam caused me to deserve such marvellous breakfast, (btw, I eat toast WITH the sides ok)just in case you guys didn't notice, it's an hour exam only . AN HOUR. What kind of exam that only take one hour of your life every three weeks of the second semester if you study here in CFS? Oooh yes. Computer 1 exam. Ok you can start throwing cabbage, lettuces and tomatoes at me. (more with the tomatoes, it softens skins fyi.) (muahaha) Ok, soooo typical . Err I'm referring to the throwing veges part. So anyway yes. Only comp exam for mid sem ? yes. Apparently yes. Fortunately yes. Just that although it's not a big deal like as if it's hard like physics or chemistry or maths (rai you tak ambik subjects tu pun ?) I mean not as tough as other law core subjects, but it's still AN exam, so it's a big deal to me. Pray for me so I could memorize all the computer-ic terms (no such word in proper english ok) and I could answer all questions smoothly . (Nah, I'm not saying this to mintak the breakfast special from any of you! ) (Shame on you if you thought so ) Hihi.

Oh just a couple of things to add, I'm glad that I get to learn computer 1 here because really, the lessons, the text book and the lab manual really really open my eyes about the computer world that I've never thought about of and seriously had benefit me from the start. I mean what's not cool if you study on how to combat viruses pretty much no need those computer technicians anymore and learn about the "inside system" or we can say the system unit and many many more about programs and the networks bla bla bla. Really, Bro Zulhairi, your class is cool to me. Ok, terlebih gula la pulak kan. Again, not trying to proof anything that this exam is special to me and you guys could treat me the special breakfast :P

Hahah. I'm not that desperate . Just an image of a good breakfast to me :D
Oh btw Happy Breakfast peeps! Kunyah banyak kali dulu before telan ok! This is a good eat ads. (whtvr)

Take care. And Happy Friday! Banyakkan selawat ok! :D