Monday, November 5, 2012

The Current Project & FAQs

Assalamualaikum w.b.t . May Allah bless us always, in the world and Hereafter.
Alhamdulillah, I finally get to 'release' my fiction's prologue :D Hope you guys would err enjoy, reading it, ehe, although you cannot possibly tell what's The Last Time would turned out to be like. In this entry I shall tell you some important bits of my current 'project', The Last Time.
1- What is "The Last Time" all about? The Prologue doesn't help much :P
Well, of course I never expect the prologue could explain the whole story to all of you! The Last Time brings you guys to the life of two teenagers, or should I say young adults, because the two important duo tells you guys a life story between the age 19 until mid-twenties. The whole story revolves around a girl named, Nadhia, a medical student of IIUM and a boy named Im, also a medical student in the same university. If you read the prologue, some of you guys might try to figure out the storyline of this fiction, about Nadhia or Nad being so-called abused or Im who supposedly really care about Nadhia. Well, just wait and see, and read the whole story later, you guys will find out The Last Time is something much more than that :)
2- Are they many characters in the fiction?
Not much. I 'create' Nadhia who doesn't hang around with much friends, and her family is not big, besides Im, also doesn't revolves around much people. Besides that, there are a few minor characters which helps the story to expand and develop.
3- Why do you named your first-ever-going-to-publish (publish at the blog) fiction with the tittle "The Last Time"? Does it have any connection with your own life?
Haha. To be honest, I took a week or so to think of a suitable tittle, because when I first got this idea to actually 'write' the fiction -which, fyi, the storyline has been lingering inside my head for like few months ago!- I cannot make out the ending part of the storyline, because you see, the ideas on the characters and their characteristics also the backgrounds, were not static, I mean, sometimes I feel like the story should be this way, and some other time I think that the story should turn out to be another way round.
So while I was writing the story-typing- I need to have certain moods to carry on with the storyline. Because The Last Time has mostly sad parts, so in order for me to bring out the sad atmosphere around me I usually end up turn on some of the "right" songs. It's 'interesting' to note that I enjoyed listening to Taylor Swift's song entittled The Last Time, which she paired up with Gary Lightbody, a member of one of my favourite band, Snow Patrol, when I write my story. And the next thing I knew I was saying to myself: hey this song's tittle could be my story's tittle, something like that. A 'tribute' to the song that gives me the mood - hehe no, of course I thank Him for giving me the opportunity to write about the story. Because the genre is Hlovate-like but not that similar, I would like to stress that my fiction is nothing compared to Hlovate's but I want to challenge myself writing a story that brings lots of messages for readers, especially with Quranic and Hadeeth verses, besides other motivational quotes.
The Last Time does, in some way, have connection with my life. But the storyline is in the whole, a fiction. It's not based totally on a real life story or something like that. So I hope readers won't judge me based on this story.
4- Is "The Last Time" totally written by you? Or you seek help from other sources?
It is, totally written or 'typed' by me, but the story on the whole, on the context of its writings, wasn't wholly from my choice of words. I take the books from our home's shelves as guidelines. I would like to give credits to Hlovate's Versus for the words of wisdoms also Fathi Yakan's Mazha Yakni An Intimai Islam for the very beautiful messages, plus Lurlene McDaniel's Always and Forever, for the information on the medical facts. Later you guys will encounter many medical facts eheheh. Just wait!
5- What do you want to say about the names of your characters that you had chose?
Well all of the names belongs to the people who are around me.
6- Will you continue to write another fiction?
Writing is a passion that I've been hoping it to develop :) Insha Allah, I would love to write more stories, but I'm a kind who need moods to write. That's among other reason that The Last Time is scheduled to release quite late, well later than you people might expect after the 'release' of the prologue. I still haven't finished writing, just so you know ^^" But don't worry, I'll try to finish as soon as possible.
Anymore questions? Please enquire it to my FB or twitter. Thank you ! :)

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