Thursday, January 10, 2013

BGR #1 : A Cure For The Heart

"A Cure For The Heart" - Adapted from 'Quran Teachings Made Simple' by Saniyasnain Khan

The Quran is the cure for any sickness of the heart. This means that when a true seeker recites the Quran, he will continually find answers to the questions he has in the heart during his recitation. He will also come to know the cure for the sickness of his heart.

For example, one has doubts about the existence of Allah. With his doubt in his mind, he begins to recite the Quran. When he reaches the verse 10 of the Chapter Abrahim (Surah Ibrahim) : "Is there any doubt about God, the Originator of the heavens and the earth?" and gives deep thought to it, he will find therein pure rational evidence of the existence of God. Thus this verse will prove a means of changing his doubt into belief.

Similarly, a man may have all the material comforts, but he may not have mental peace; he lives in depression and despair. When such a person begins reciting the Quran, and reaches this verse, " those who believe and whose hearts find comforts in teh remembrance of God- surely in the remembrance of God, do hearts find comfort," he is startled and then he begins to reflect on this and even come to discover such a reality as was quite unknown to hikm before.

This reality is that these material things are not any source of comfort; only the remembrance of God can bring comfort. The fact is that man accroding to his nature is an idealistic creature, while all the things of this world are less than ideal in their nature. Everything in this world is looked upon by him as not measuring up to his desires.

On the contrary, God is a perfect Being to the ultimate degree. He has no flaws. That is why man can find comfort only when he discovers Allah and comes to lead his life in His remembrance.

There is, no doubt, a cure for the human hearts in the Quran. But this cure is only for those who seek guidance for themselves from the Quran, that is to say, those who read the Quran with an open mind and are ready to accept the message of the Quran unconditionally. In this world, only those can achieve a desired thing who are truly its seekers.

" O mankind! There has come to you
an admonition from your Lord,
a cure for what is in the hearts,
and a guide and a blessing to true believers."
- Surah Yunus, 10:57

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