Thursday, July 25, 2013

Important and Less Important Babble


Assalamualaikum wbt. Salam 17th Ramadhan !

So this morning I decided to have a sneak peek of my blog. If you think that's a trick for bloggers to gain their viewers rate, then just don't think that way. I like to view my blog without signing in. Sometimes re-reading what you've posted would do you good, ya know, like you stumbled across some grammatical errors, then you actually laughed a bit at your own writing because you find it somehow funny, then more grammatical mistakes, yeah those kind. Unfortunately, instead of expecting to see my oh-that's-a-big-picture-for-a-header, a red background with a white pop up 'warning' sign/note/whatever you call it, greeted me. It stated something like this: "beware, malware found due to website --- that is linked to this page, and this could harm your computer." I was shocked. And a bit disturbed too. Because I had tweeted my blog link and of course I expected some people would like to click on it, and I wonder if they also being greeted the same thing. This is just an embarrassment. And how could it be less than horror to find out that your blog is like a spam, and go harm other people's laptop. 

I'm sorry. Really hope you guys didn't open my blog this morning. But I've already 'fix' that, some of the websites that I promote in my blog are spammed I guess, and I've removed them. So please, trust me on this. Insha Allah you won't find any of that kind of warning anymore. But if you do, you can always tell me. 

So the important babble ends here.

And other less important babble begins here. Hiks.

Have you ever stumbled into a different path in your life, it happens so suddenly, you never expected it nor welcome it, but then it happens; well of course your future is unpredictable, but you could expect something, right? What I mean is that you hoped for the best in your life, but otherwise occurred. Of course, you know you would be tested; trials and tribulations, you know that you'll come across all that, and most importantly, you believe, you have strong faith in His Words, he won't burden you with something you couldn't bear. (2:286) Just that, you need to be strong, in order to be able to encounter unexpected things in your life, and you need to learn to accept your fate.

Just like what I said. I need to be strong. I need to change the unexpected path into something that I would live with it happily. You can be happy, you still can be strong despite you're having other important thing going on in your life. I know I need to take this positively, and realize that He give you this kind of trial so that you will be more grateful to Him, so that you won't spend your time unnecessarily, so that you will be more responsible handling your life affairs. 

Anyway, I've decided to share with you Reflection episodes of Imam Suhaib Webb. Spend at least 10 minutes to watch one part. I'll post other parts later in other entries. This is of course, important. 

'Till then folks!

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