Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So I've Returned.


Assalamualaikum wbt.

I've disappeared too long I guess. Some of you could have questioned whether it's true writing is still my passion, like what I've always said in my introduction. Well, it's not true that if you've temporarily stop blogging means your passion of it started to fade away, I mean, we're talking about an era where journals are still a- I won't say ubiquitous, but still a good companion to some. I also used to say I get easily 'bored' when I started to slowly stop doing something, means I'm actually bored with it. Honestly, sadly to confess this but I was just plain lazy. Long holidays, home alone and just being a cook and cleaner do me no good. Well, not saying that helping to cook and clean the house for my family does no good to me, it helps of course, me being a 'all grown up' and I do need lots of practicing, sooner or later if I accept someone who had been accepted to take my 'hands for marriage', all of these would at least help me a bit. No, I'm saying that long holidays do me no good. I'm not productive. But then again, who am I blaming?

You see, regret and wasting time always come together. No, you waste your precious time, then you'll be regretful of it. To take care of time is something, a huge responsibility actually. To practice what you've learned is also another thing, a remarkable thing if you succeed to practice your knowledge wonderfully. What I meant is that, you know how precious time is, you've been taught about how precious it is, since pre-school, then moving on to school years you have Usrah mates or Halaqah mates, Adik-Beradik-whatever that you want to call it, and Naqibah, who never failed to especially foster Islamic teachings, not to mention you always, constantly reminded yourself that you should always be grateful, that your parents taught you well. It's not the matter of not obtaining any knowledge or teachings, what matters now is how you practice them. First thing first is time management, and you know how important it is. To your life. How you'll be questioned later by Him, what have you been doing with the time, with the free time that He gave you.

I realized that when I'm in the university, and my schedules were packed with lots of activities, here and there, I managed my time quite well, I could still ensure that my taklifat were ticked most of it, alhamdulillah, and I would say now that to compare my time being spent then and now, back then was well spent. Look at how vulnerable I am, to lots of things that weakens me more, that breaks me, and caused me to become much more fragile than ever. I realized that the free time that He gave me, I should've use it wisely. Regret. 

Over 270 bones are created beautifully by Him to enable humans to functioned well. Approximately 10,000 tonnes of wrought irons are required for the Eiffel Tower to stand firm in the heart of France. And I need friends to always, constantly remind me that this life is not forever, that it would end, sooner or later, for me to become more human; for me to become more realistic, for me to become more alive.

His beautiful Words are beyond wonderful, indeed, they're magical, but sometimes you need a friend to constantly remind you to open the Holy Book, to tadabbur, to read with much warmth and fear, 'till your cheeks are wet with tears because those Words touches the heart. Sometimes you need a friend to constantly remind you to recite the Ma'thurat daily, so that you'll be well protected by any source of evil. Sometimes you need a friend to constantly remind you to do good, and ensure that your time is always been well spent. Always, may sound too unreal, for you would do mistakes, but trying to become better; improving, may get you to 'always'. 

So I have free time. Besides, doing what I'm supposed to do , and ensuring the taklifat is well-followed, I know that I could also get 'bonus' by providing good insights for people. You know you could blog and get lots of 'rewards'. Yo know you could instagram and get lots of 'rewards'. You know you could tweet and still get lots of 'rewards'. It's just the matter of what you post in your blog, or your instagram or your twitter.

Masha Allah it's 16th of Ramadhan already. Please pray for me.

Good Night Folks!

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