Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bitten Flesh

All of you looked at her,
All of you stared at her,
With your pupils big eye shots,
Chapped lips smirkin’,
Voices hissing out like snakes,
Occasional laughter,
Whispers that people a mile can hear,
Fingers pointing at her,
Talking about her,
Smirking at her,
Glancing to the corner of your eyes at her,
“she’s not like what she’s portraying,
She says this but she actually is like that,”

All of you seems to be angels,
Flawless without a doubt,
Walks on earth with so much proud,
Claiming yourselves to be of the best crowd,
Ridiculing her,
Telling her to confront the world her sins,
All of you disregard the other side of her ugliness,
You poor people don’t see the side of her loveliness,

She may have had dark pasts,
She is no angel,
Only weak human,
Fragility is her cloak,
She may have made mistakes,
Sins stains her heart,
Sins fouls her body,
She has repented,
All of you don’t know,
She has God,
All of you don’t notice,
All of your minds never trigger a thing,
All of you have forgotten,
Your souls and hers are alike,
All of you are no angels,
So don’t talk as if you are sinless,

Hypocrisy that’s what all of you are saying,
“Why talk like this if you are like that”
She’s no hypocrite, no.
She is trying to be better,
‘Every’ oxygen she breathes,
She is trying to be better,
Leaving shards behind her,
All of you are listening to stories that were ancient of her,
All of you should consider the present of her,
Stop the whispering,
Stop speculating,
Learn how to get closer to someone like her,
Learn how to listen to her,
Instead of spreading rumors and hate,
Advice and motivate her with your good deeds,
You blame her for ruining the belief you both shares,
When you could have become someone better than her,
Instead of talking behind her back,
Instead of telling others her ugly side,
All of you could have become someone much better than her,
If that is not your choice,
Hence shame on all of you,
Hence pity to all of you,

She needs to be reminded,
Of the present world that shall come to an end,
Sooner or later,
If all of you don’t act fast and be her savior,
She could fall deep into the well of dishonor,
That’s our jobs,
To keep on reminding,
To keep on telling,
Why do we live,
Who are we actually,
Serving God,
Becoming His Caliph,
All of us need to be reminded.

--Instead of keep eating her flesh,
All of you should know that she is also on the same team.

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