Friday, April 9, 2010

The Memoirs of Raihana (In Her Dictionary)

Class of 3 Al Farabi 2008 :DD

Class of Two Al- Farabi :DD

Meet Kyra and Husna ((: My Besties since Form 1!

The Men. And Tr. Rohaizi, Utz Nik and Utz Mazwan ( :  At 3 Farabi.

(During Form Two; Raya Celebration)
From left: Zatie, Alia, Tera, Zurin, Me (duno why this pic i look like a gedik), Ika, Faralyna.

(Got to enlarge so u ppl can see this better!)
The 3 Farabians 2008!
(Class 3 Farabi)

Meet The Ladies of Class 3 Al- Farabi 2008.
From left: Hanani, Nalza, Fatin, Zatie, Salina and Aisyah (centre) (in Media Room)

Meet Alia and Tera. Beside me was our beloved class teacher, Tr. Asmaniza. (at the Media Room)


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