Friday, April 23, 2010


Today is Friday. Well, most people will say that today is like any other day, any normal friday but to 4 ALIans 2009, today is our Rememberence Day! Alhamdulillah, Tawfiq, our S.U have finally got the signs from the important people (org atasan) and Nabilah also have done her part as a PKT with Oben, our KT. The bus have been booked because tonight we are going to Seoul Garden at Plaza Pantai. Actually, I've never heard of this restaurant untill I finally stepped to SMAKL. Last year, Kelab KoOp had been there for their end year party and my ffriends who went there said that the food was a total blast! They give free flow of drinks, well all of these are the students special rate package, so it's no wonder lah. So, they actually served variety of foods, they give out buffet kinda style, ala carte is also applicable. Well, you people must have thought that Seoul Garden is like a Korean Restaurant or sushi place right? But apparently this very only Seoul Garden served malay foods, and western. Oh well, I don't mind because all I want is EAT! Ha-ha!

Okay, I gtg now. Its BI and I bet Ms Paru will be mad coz we're quite late!
Toodles people! ( :

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