Friday, April 23, 2010

Rai Oh Rai!

Now I'm at the ICT, its maths now but Pn. Fazlin is nowhere to be seen, and right now, I'm typing beside my annoying comel friend, Nabilah and next to her is Hanani, trying to finishing her matrices. - Okayy, so cikgu dah datang. But I'm pretty sure that I can finish this very post because it has been ages since I write a perfect post. -- There's been loads of stuff going on these days, especially that it has been like almost a week since our diagnostik ( a bigger version of mid term test fr the spm candidates) and well, all of us form fives have actually know our scores and kedudukan in class. I'm not actually giddy in telling you this but what to do, this IS  actually a blog of expressing my euphoria right? Even tho it's a short term happiness, it's worth it -,-" (to me lah).

Tawfiq got no.1 this time, yeah, we were totally like WOW!Tawfiq. Well, actually I don't know abt the rest, but I was the one who actually said monnologuely : WOW!Tawfiq. Because you see, between him and his other male friends, also my male classmates, I rarely sees him studying, because all I've ever heard was a stock of laugh that usually occurs at certain time of the day, seriously people this is the truth. Okay maybe not EVER but I've actually seen Aidi (the Albert Einstein; he is more into mathematics and calculation), Dollah (the close friend of Albert Einstein, also a Physics Wonderman), Syed (the another Mr. Smarty Pants, an Arab Schollar, ha-ha!) and even Wafi (the respected guy and down-to-earth guy) studying, or at least sleep on top of the revision book, but not Tawfiq. People do say that he is some Genious Freak, so I guess the statement is believable enough :P But I've got lots of other names that I think should have their honors in my current post, ehe. Don't worry you guys will have your chance sooner or later ^^"

Anis got second, (my petite, yet adoroble and talk abt PANDAI! Yepp, that's her, alhamdulillah God gave her a talent in this part) and Fatma got no.3 (another comel friend of mine, my tuition partner, yet I don't seem to get the same hig marks as hers in physics and chem, oh well -,- She got the highest marks in Physics, Add Maths and Chem; WOWEE!) Then goes Aidi, Ikhwan, Dollah, Darwis (amazingly amazing! This guy apparently menaik GILA this time, totally respect you mann) and next is me (dipidipobidiboo) then Naddy (a Korean Freak, but a Comel one ( : ) So my wonderful readers, if you can count the no. from Tawfiq to Naddy, I actually got no. 9 and my rank in batch is no. 12. I got 7 a's, 2 b's and 2 c's. ALHAMDULILLAH, but I don't know how am I going to inform this to my Mama and Baba. Last Intervention Test I got no. 6 and no 7 in batch, so I actually MENURUN sangat =,=" But nvm that. Also, last time I got 1 D, and alhamdulillah I managed to get my add maths C.

I understand that this diagnostik gives lot of effects to us form fives of SMAKL, but to my dear friends, don't EVER give up, ada lagi satu exam sebelum trial remember? So, we should liven up the chance that we've got!! We can ROCK the world people!! EHE -,-" I'm not writing this to brag, NOOOO, in fact all of you my friends, especially my 5 Othmanians, you guys did well no, THE BEST already. The results are our USAHA, it showed how much our usaha and I know that mine is not enough to accomplish the 11 A'S + in SPM 2010. It's okay, afte this all we need to do is keep on usaha, no, usaha EVEN MORE and MORE in achieving our 10TH CLOUD! (if you've read my "The Climb, My Climb and Yours" post, you'll know what I meant ( :

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