Friday, February 12, 2010

5 CNY Holidayyys!

Salam to respectful readers.

Okay, so CNY is getting near. Today is 12th already so I bet Wendy will be preparing like crazy for the honourable celebration la eh? Haha. Good luck to you then babe! Okay. So my school gave us five days of Chinese New Years holiday, which is cool I guess bcz our school have no chinese students and yet we get to celebrate CNY as well, haha. WOOHOO!~ Oh well, i've actually planned loads for you respectful readers, ehe. And most important of all, i've got lots of important stuff to tell and share and i would like to higlight here that i'm going to study, STUDY and STUDY during this very short holidays, which means i'm not going to post 22 posts during this holiday (like what i did last time), well, my target is range between 5 to 8 posts. Not more than ten (!). So, i would like to ask you guys a favour by tegur-ing me if you see me onlining non-stop in myspace. Help me, can you? Haha. Please and thank you!

Seriously, I don't know what's my motive by putting this picture, =,="

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  1. i'm following and reading your blog as you wish babe :)

    take care.
    Happy Holiday.