Monday, February 1, 2010

The Climb, My Climb and Yours

I've decided to write this post today, i don't know why but i've been longing to but i haven't got the right time to post this. So now i have the time to write, all praise is to Allah for giving me the chance to breathe again in this very beautiful morning and for giving me the opportunity to perform my Subuh prayer this morning, read the Quran and sit infront of the pc to write this veryvery meaningful post. Alhamdulillah.

Well, i've been dreading to write a post about aspirations and hopes, dreams, and goals in the future. I've always have this 'feeling' everytime i encountered the world 'Life', 'Dreams', and 'Goals'. That 'feeling' is like no other feeling such as feeling of love or tender, but it's a feeling that you will instantly felt like you are on the clouds, jumping while floating on the air and trying to avoid the passing birds on the opposite direction and the thunder that makes your heart scattered into million pieces but you are trying as hard as you could to overcome those obstacles untill you managed to land safely on the last cloud, the biggest cloud that you've ever stepped on, the cloud that got words written with capital letters, bold and large on it, (so you don't have to wear your contacts) : THIS IS IT. YOUR FINAL DESTINATION. CONGRATULATIONS!
Haha, so much for the explanation. But you get it, don't you? What I'm trying to say is that big cloud is your final goal, i don't mean that it's your final destination, literally, but it's the final destination in achieveing whatever your hopes, dreams and goals are. And each and every goal or dreams or hopes that you're floating and jumping to, will going to have a different big cloud of their own. And doesn't mean that you can only float and jump to reach your final destination, but you can also grab that pair of Nike of yours and run with the wind, if you run as fast as possible the 'floatness' would not be all jumpy and floaty like a bubble that you make with that bubble blowing machine but it would be compatible enough for you to run as fast as you can to get to the big cloud as soon as possible. And never mind the Nike shoes, any other shoes are fine enough, haha.

But before you want to get on to that starting point, i mean the smallest cloud on the west, you must need to climb on to that beanstalk right? I understand that would take quite half a year or so but it's okay to give it a shot. The main thing here is that you manage to climb on to that smallest cloud on the west so that you can float or jump or run to that biggest cloud on the east. The climb here is your starting point of the adventure of your life. The journey includes climbing the beanstalk, step on that small cloud, and running towards that big cloud. It may take a day a month or even a year to get there for all you care, but at least you know that you've started from the beginning, and know when to end. I know where I start, and I realized that I haven't really put up with the challenges that I encounter during my journey to the middle cloud; that's between the west and the east. I'm seventeen now, and I should know how to polish my skills and brush up my Nike to get to the big cloud. My climb has been started since I was seven, it has been almost ten years now, and my final destination for this particular dream is now. The final year of my highschool. That's it. My goal in achieving straight a's + in my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. My hopes to see that tears of happiness and be given that joyous hugs from the two most important human being on my world. My dream to become one of the most successful human being.

All I have to do now is to continue my journey.  On the 22nd of November would be the 8th cloud and on the 16th of December would be the 9th and the on March 2011 would be the 10th, the big cloud. And then, I would start all over and pack another bag and gears to climb another beanstalk. That's my climb, what's yours?

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