Friday, February 26, 2010

We're The MANIA-C Runners!

The sun shoned brightly and majestically above me. Sweats wet my forehead and I could feel the dripping salty water on my neck. I kept my hands covering my sunburnt eyes like saluting the commander infront of me while waiting for him to command the next task to my fellow peers and I. We were suffocated by tremendous heat. Sweats drenched us, before the real game.

What am i saying? Gosh Rai! Macam nak buat karangan bi plak,ehe. Okay so we had this merentas desa thing coming on. It's next week and my house, Ibn Batuta (yellow house) have practised last Monday and all of the sports houses have practised together on the real merentas desa track last Wednesday, AFTERNOON. Yes, imagine, all of us gathered around at the assembly field, under the shining bright-sun. Talk about WHOA! Thats some crazy thing to do! Pegh. But we still gather even though the temperature i think at that time must be around 38 degrees celcius (seriously, if i'm wrong, it doesn't matter. I'm just trying to emphasized our hawt condition ppl!) We all stand there i think for about twenty minutes to 30 minutes, strecthing ourselves, did simple exercises and waited for the most annoying people; the one who wore slippers to the field and the one who attended late. Talk about selfishness! Oh well.

So we continued our marathon, even though deep down i was like: Cmmon ppl, have a heart! We were like struggling sardines inside the sardine boiled tins! And I decided to run with Nabilah and Hanani, my fellow Batutaians, but apparently Nabilah have the mood to run on that hot day, so she passed us at half way of the track already. Hanani and I decided to run and brisk-walk all the way. The ladies run first then the lads, but Darwis was the first lad to over run us girls, Hanani and I were like "Whoa Darwis!". I ran too but i would stop for brisk-walking when i felt that my upper side stomach went hurt and so we let the dudes passed us, which we didn't even care because this was only a latihan. Teachers were sprawling guarding our ways from crazy drivers and motorcyclist, what i meant crazy is that because it's in the afternoon, your mood is just not as fresh as a flower that just bloomed. Haha. -okay so we ran and ran and finally managed to be in pieces and well, i'm quite proud to say that we managed to be one of the top fifteen runners! ehe. It's not a big thing (oho!) But the side effects empowered us when all of us went for the perarakan Maulidur Rasul yesterday (that would be another exciting new post) I could feel that my kaki were hurt as i walk with the others yesterday, yes, but i can't really see any bruises or anything just the feeling of pain. Oh well, i guess i just need to exercise more and loosened up the tghtened nuts and bolt on my muscles! Haha. But all in all we were like bersemangat gila. Especially the Batutaians! The top runners are from our sports house FYI!haha. Alhamdulillah, hee(: Oh well, all i can say is that Happy Running Batutaians! Next week is our last practice before the real thing, WOOT!WOOT! ehe. RUN BABY RUN DON'T EVER LOOK BACK, people!!:DD