Wednesday, February 17, 2010

As Long As You Had Fun, That What Mattered The Most

I don't see the relation between Joe Brooks and my post, but I don't know why I feel like putting him here

I was supposedly to write this post yesterday, right after i got back from ou. But then, things were not exactly as it planned to be. Oh well. So i went bowling yesterday (big deal, Rai), but it's really a big deal to me since it was my first time ever been to a bowling arena. The bowling place was okay, we went to one utama, so i guess the crowds aren't like those that u can find in ampang area (no offence). So i went there with my dad and my three other annoying sibs, ehe. At first i wasn't quite prepped and ready, well it's not like i was afraid to pick up the quite heavy metal ball, but mostly is because - which is quite ridiculous when i thought about it after the game- i was afraid of the people around me. Well, technically. I was hoping there were'nt so many crowds but instead it happened to be a bowling day for some families there. I was ,well, quite ashamed because i don't really know how to play it. Well, i was being a chicken fr no reason actually. Because it turned out to be the best thing ever in my life ,well for now actually. I had so much fun. Really, i did, we did. Raihan got three to four strikes and my lil bro razeen got two, i guess. And my dad, whoa. He was really amazing! And he didn't even wear the rental bowling shoes (which my dad thought it was very dirty and unhygenic to wear, but we sibs got to since we ore sandals and bro got his feet into hush puppies, i don't know why they (the 'bowling-assistant' dude) got against hush puppies, i mean cmmon1 It's a sneakers as well, but razeen still got to fit in into those red and green bowling shoes. Talk about it! -okay back to my story. Since we were going there for the first time, so we didn't really know which way to go when we turned on the left side to the new wing. My mom wasn't coming because she said that "I dont have the modd right now" but she told us the direction actually before we started the car engine - "it situated on the upper floor, the new wing alright!"- she had once went there with he business acquaintances and her boss when they had this formal outing or something- only then we realized that we should've asked mama the details since the new wing is quite big and it's not like we've been there for the second time! aiyoo! that was all i could say when we were busied ourselves searching for the directory plan. But then as my sibs and I were busying scuttering around like mad chickens, my dad decided that the best way is to ask the cleaner near us- she was mopping at that time- and she actually gave us straight answer "oh bowling ah? tingkat empat. atas sana. pergi kiri depan sana, naik atas, ada bowling"- only just to be sure, my dad kept repeating the question "mcm mana nk pergi bowling" to her, but i think it had made her annoyed to us.

As we reached the fourth level, all i could see eas people scuttering around, only that they weren't like mad chickens but proper mannered people, busied buying movie tickets. Oh so the bowling alley is near the movies. Cool. I spotted new movies just 'arrived' - percy jacksons, sherlock holmes, the legend, etcetera - and i was also hoping that i wasn't going to stumbled into any familiar faces. it's not like i don't want to meet you peeps. It's just that at that particular time, i don't have the courage to meet you guys. What if i happened to stumbled a bestie of mine and he or she asked me "Where are you heading to Rai? " "Oh nowhere interesting really, just plain old bowling alley" "Cool, mind if i join u?" which would be a full embarassment because u guys might found out that i didn't know how to bowl. THAT WAS HOW LOW I WAS. When i thought about it over and over again, i was like, "How could u Rai. Your friends ARE NOT LIKE THAT. So what if u don't know how to bowl. Why should your own friends laugh their heads off just because u can't bowl?" I was actually feeling better as i thought about it. And i was really enjoying myself with my family. My dad bought us four games but we left early, because we needed to buy something else and it was almost 1 pm. But most importantly I had fun on that day. It was very lively to me -although i didn't get a single strike
-,-" - but it doesn't matter. As long as you had fun, that what mattered the most ( :

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