Sunday, February 14, 2010

Picnik-ing ; My Current Obsession

I don't know why I've been crazy about editting photos fr my myspace recently. It is like it empowered me and let myself into it which is quite wasting time, i tell you. Oh well, sometimes u needed a break, right? To tell u the truth i wasn't really a fan of photography and editting photos, or any other related to it but suddenly when i see my sister Rayyan was busying herself editting gorgeous photos with Picnik, i could say that her work was a fab! So i decided to give it a shot. Then somehow, i'm obsessed with it. Pegh, haha. Oh well, u can see my masterpiece in myspace. I just need a lot of more photos of interesting people to occupy the space in my photo album. But i really really should be focussing with my studies. Cmoon, Rai, you know how much is your result in intervensi right? Oh yeah, fyi people, i would like to tell you my intervensi result, so be prepared (and it's not like i'm proud of it, okay?):

I've managed to get number 6 in class, alhamdulillah.
and number 7 in my badge (i was in the 6th position before Su got it, well, it's not like it mattered most.. well yeah, it matters to me, but she deserved it better than i did. it was fair and square, congratulations babe!(: ).
And my percentage was A- .
And i've managed to get 7 a's. (last year was 8 a's, 8 a's then 9 a's), so i guess, i have to work harder than i thought (duh!)
and this time, I've got a D for my add maths, which i'm so not proud of it, but anis told me i should bersyukur coz there were many other failed in their add maths. alhamdulillah. she told me that i shouldn't be crying bcoz we all know that we'd been studying in the last minute and we could do better in the next exam, which is in the end of March (our diognostik).
And... there's no more to mention, thank you.

People please pray fr our success okay?
Mama keeps telling me: You need to get 11 a's + raihana. no less than that.
In Sya Allah, I will. In Sya Allah I will.

Oh yeah and a very Happy Chinese New Year!! gong xi fa cai(:

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