Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Bismillah and assalamualaikum peeps =)

Soo yeah it's been weeks since I updated my blog. And lots and lots of things occurred within the weeks.

Firstly my subjects for this current semester are quite tough. I don't know about my fellow group mates but as for me, I need to study more and reopen my old notes and old books (old lah sangat. sem 1 punya nota kira tahun lepas la kan? so kira lama la heehee) I'm taking three core subjects and one university requirement subject which are Introduction to Legal Skills - it requires us to do public speaking (which I don't have that much guts to speak in front of strangers), Introduction to Legal System - we just learned the first two sub topics. And it's about Justinian Code. Basically the outcomes would be focused on laws of our country and some other countries. Arabic Level 3 - eeps eeps I thank Allah that our ustazah is daebak =D she never fails to motivate us and give us the semangat to not be takut takut especially to be exempted. What I need is simply practice practice every day. Ustazah kata at tolibah mujtahidah salmurojaah al lughatul 'arabiyah kulli yaumin. la ba'sa. wahid aayah faqat toyyib jiddan. (heehee pehe dok?) and lastly Religions in Malaysia - yepp we learn about religions in our country mainly Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other ideologies.

My next babble would be about my friends and I went for a fast train in PD last January the 13th until the 15th at PDS Training Camp. Err saya telah terpilih untuk jadi faci. ehem ehem. ye facilitaTOR. Gembira? Banyak tanggungjawab okay! How can I be gembira? It's like a burden been placed on top of my shoulders besides other burdens I've been carrying around. I don't know what you guys might think about this especially those who know me. I know, I'm not good enough. Ye saya bukanlah bekas DQ or budak tahfiz. Tapi saya akan cuba yang terbaik. My first intention when I got this responsibility was that, "this is it Rai. The main key for you to change to become better you". It really works you know. I've seen people who change and become much better person after he got a responsibility to handle. Apa kena mengena pulak jadi faci jadi lebih baik? Sebaaaaaaab, kita akan didedahkan dengan lebih banyak ilmu agama, kita dapat pergi talaqi lebih kerap, kita dapat kawan kawan yang solehah, dapat dekat dengan ustazah yang sentiasa beri nasihat dan dorongan et cetera banyak kelebihan. What I know is that I felt very very little beside those who are much much better than me in terms of their attitude, their ibadah, their memorization of the quran. But then I know, these will be my inspirations. Insha Allah I'll try my best slow slow (slang oghe melayu kito).

May Allah help me always. May Allah lead me always. I hope for the best in what I get everyday. Everything has nikmah within them.

Okay people got to go lah. Masak lunch. (haha bunyi macam pro. telur dadar je. sayur dah habis. and nak cepat isikan perut yang dah berkeroncong ni)

Happy Chinese New Year to my chinese friends! =) (err do you guys even read my blog?)