Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Talk With Them


Assalamualaikum peeps! =D Another short post and this time it's about learning sign languages ! yepp. SIGN LANGUAGE. Why? Because not all of us know how to communicate with the mute and deaf besides it's easier for us to be friends with them and learn with them, involve with them and know about their experiences. I've never had any experience with them but I would love to be friends with these special people. For me, those who haven't got the chances to listen and see, they're very special and worth to be looked up to. They're brave for they live their lives without two most important organs and they have special senses.

Most important of all is that we will be more grateful to Allah for giving us the chances of sight and hearing. While we have those opportunities, shouldn't we take care of our eyes and ears good? It's not just about eating carrots and  don't listen to music using earphones with powerful volumes, but it's also about taking care of our eyes and ears from watching and listening to whatever that is not permissible in Islam. Hok ni tak perlu ngoyak panjang lebar naa? Masing masing pehe doh . Just think that before we are about to do sins, Allah is there, watching us. And wa na'uzhubillah , anything can happen after we do wrong. Tiba tiba Allah tarik nikmat melihat dan mendengar macam mana? Ini juga teguran buat diri saya sendiri. So let's pray always so that Allah strengthen our Iman and place the sense of deepest fear of Allah's torment in our hearts.

So what are you waiting for? At least learn the alphabet and number sign language =D

Interested in taking courses ? Click here : http://www.ymcakl.com/pmy/Sign_language.htm

I'll be going back to campus tonight huhu. Cuti CNY tak banyak loh! 'Till then. Salam ^ ^