Monday, March 14, 2011

Alhamdulillah, I'm Home. Finally ;')

IMY IMY IMY guysssss badly! ;') I'm BACK FINALLY and it's true, Azim R, aku ada banyak STORIESSS TO SHARE with you guys :D Alhamdulillah, I came back to pangkuan family safely, around 5 something yesterday. I arrived at KLIA around 2 pm, then we had this process before we go to Zetro Wangsa Maju, macam kena ada check whatsoever and by the time we finished all this it was almost 3.30 we started heading to Zetro. But seriously the process is slow! Anyway, we bertembung with other two camps that arrived from Sabah, jumpa dengan Teha, Debel :)

Whatever it is, I'm so SORRY coz last night I tak dapat online FB lama, after Isyak, I head downstairs, with a new book on my left hand, Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher and dunking Oreos in Milk ,(cold milik. Finally!! ) and at the same time watch a scary movie at HBO, Case 39 - seriously got goosebumps every second :P But I'll try to online FB as long as I can take, but at the same time updating my beloved bloggie(: And cakap awal2 kt sini, I rarely nak pegang my phone so FB je okay my beloved friends(:

Just wanna add that I terkilan sbb semalam tak sempat peluk habis2 Fatin Nurafiqah and Fatin Izzatie :'( I'm sorry girls, I really wanna apologize for all my wrong doings and thank you guys for everything, face-to-face. Insha Allah kalau ada rezeki, we will meet again(:

I miss THEM already : Diyanah Kaiyisah, Fatin Nurafiqah, Shazwana Shahril, Fatin Izzatie, Reyvathy Sheena, Shazwani Shahril, Azura, Izzyani, Jannah, Siti Syamimi.... Ustazah :'(

I miss all of wirawati and wira (?!) and para jurulatih, cikgu cikgu, that I get to know at PLKN Kem Bumimas Sibu Sarawak Kump 1 Siri 8 2011

Thanks for everything and sorry for anything.

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