Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Fine With Me (I'm Feeling Fine With You (: )

I've posted three different stories.
Each has its own meaning.
Each has its own speciality.
Each has its own secret.
And now,
I must tell how I felt,
how I felt after those three stories been poured out.

Why Is It Just Don't Come Out Right?
Well, you cannot really win everytime.
Every game there's always a winner,
and of course,
every game there's always a loser.
It's fine with me,
if I have to be the loser,
because I know it won't last long.
I may lose right now.
I may lose again.
But again as I said before,
it's fine with me.
Because sooner or later,
I'll win.
I'll win over 'it'.
I'll win and get my trophy.
The Trophy of 'It'.

Some said that,
I'm still young,
I've got more in front of me,
I've got a lot ahead of me.
I've got time.
Time to search for 'it'.
Time to look for 'it'.
So maybe not now.
Maybe not tomorrow.
Maybe not next month or another year.
But the time will come.
The time will come,
for me to be the winner.
The winner, finally.
I'll bring back The Trophy of 'It'.
So like I said before,
it's fine with me.

Trapped Within,
it's almost the same right?
The same feel,
the same condition,
the same everything.
Now I have to work things out,
to crush the sealed tight box,
to break the oversized chains,
to sit again,
to stand again,
to be able to breathe freedom.
All praise is for Him,
for giving me the courage,
the guts,
the strentgh,
to work things out.
So that I could smile again.
So that I could laugh again.
With no more fear.
No more lies.
Don't get yourself wrong my friend,
like I told you this morning,
I've got many other different reasons that made me
Trapped Within.
And no,
I never forcing smiles and faking laughs,
when it comes about you,
my best friend.

It's fine with me
now that although some part of me still,
Trapped Within,
but with His help,
I can always run a mile on naked feet,
I can always swim in the ice cold water of Southern Ocean,
I can always climb the Mount Everest,
to untrap me.
To set me free.
So it's fine with me now.
It's fine with me.
Because one of my problems,
has settled,
settled beautifully,
settled wonderfully,
and been understood patiently,
by one of the souls that I really
appreciate most-
apart from my family and other friends.
Thank you again.

I know that it's a bit rare of me,
to write about specific person,
in my beloved raihanaeuphoria,
but I did, didn't I?
So that I could tell,
how I really felt after what I said.
How I really felt after what has been uttered.
So that I won't feel regret.
So that I won't be upset.
So that no more heart I'd torn.
So that no more sad songs could be heard.

It's fine with me
now that I just got your message,
now that I just got your words,
makes me stonger,
makes me relieved,
makes me smile one more time.
It's fine with me
that we are still best friends.
We are still feeling fine.
it's fine with me,
when you are always fine.

So I've written down,
my feelings after those three stories has been posted.
I hope all of you would understand now.
I hope all of you would understand.
Understand a girl,
who could not leave her smile behind.

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