Sunday, March 20, 2011

Puzzles of Words For You

To my meilleur ami - ,
this is a special post for you.
Because I want you to know how your words affected me.
And because I want you to know how your words changed my feelings towards you.

First of all, I know that I owe you an apology.
Because I forgot your birthday.
Because I was late in wishing your birthday.
And because of all the reasons that I had stated.

Yes, I'm a lousy meilleur ami.
No need to doubt that.
Happy belated birthday my meilleur ami.

Secondly, let's turn back the time.
I was away for three days.
It was March 17 in the evening,
when I decided to open my big red bag,
to look at my phone which has been left untouched since I left the house that morning.
Then, I saw your message.
Puzzles of feelings started to link together.
I can't believe that I still get those beautiful words.
I can't believe that I still get those beautiful reminders.

So why confuse and irritated?
Because I recalled your post on March 16.
I'm in confusion with your words.
I'm irritated because at that time the words kept lingering in my mind.
".. hypnotizing my mind, my feelings, my heart "
And now,
I'm feeling more and more confused.
With your post on March 17,
that I get to read yesterday.
Is that true what you wrote?
Is that true what I read?
Is that true?
" blood, my vein, my heart",
"'s you that I will wait for,
even if it takes days, weeks, months, years, centuries",
till death comes your way you said.
And then you wrote the magic words.

On March 19,
your post is full of apologies,
full of hopes,
full of expressions.
On this day also,
I wrote my post.
And I'm sure you've read it.
Now, keep on reading,
because now I'm writing full.

I don't know how everything could turn out differently.
I don't know how everything turned out to be so unexpected.
So unpredicted.
So wrong,
No, wait.
More words to come so please keep on reading.

I want that everything we do is what He would be pleased.
I want that everything we do achieved His blessings.
I want everything we do follow the right procedure.
I don't know right now.
I've got so much things ahead of me.
I'm just eighteen.
I'm still young to think about 'it'.
Just like what I've posted yesterday,
let du'a be the link that bonded us.
this is the right decision.
Let Him made the final plan.

If you fall for someone,
keep it a secret.
Pray for the one you love.
So that you can be with the one you love,
forever and always.

You pursue your dream.
You hold onto your goal.
You become a Cardiologist like you've ever wanted.
And you know you'll take no less than six years.
Six years is long my meilleur ami.
Anything could happen throughout those years.
Many people that we will meet.
Many people that we will have to know.
Many people that could change our life,
forever and always.

So if the feelings is true,
let's start praying for our future what might hold us.
And no promises please.
Because making promises that can't be kept is just another hurtful page of your life.


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  1. doa....
    pray for the best...
    gudluck raihana.....