Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Is It Just Don't Come Out Right?

Just a short pouring-what-I-feel note.
Just a short expression.
I promise you.
You, Raihana.

When it comes about 'it', 
when you suddenly feel that,
this is it.
The right time,
the right change.
Because it is hard you see,
before this you had what you thought 
enough experience.
But actually you don't.
But that doesn't matter.
What you're going to say right now,
is that you've been hit by 'it'.
Damn it.

You saw 'it' is coming,
and at first you know that you're in a situation.
Confusion, surrounds you.
Confusion and anxiety.
Just seemed to enveloped you.
Especially your heart.
Yes, you knew that your heart has been 
intrigued by 'it'.
You said to yourself, 
its okay. 
You can trust on this one.
But then it turn out to be,

At first, 
there were two 'it'.
But you know that one of 'it' you just have to just forget.
Because like they say,
friends should just remain friends.
Anyway you know that 'it' is taken by someone else.
A soul that your best friend love.
Then came another 'it'.
You look at how 'it' is.
Throughout the days, weeks.
You thought 'it' looks nice.
'It' looks like 
The Perfect One.
Now, everything almost everything
that you thought,
just don't seem to be right.
You just saw the pictures.
One of it just made you feel,
somehow disgusted.
And you felt disappointed.
And sorry, 
two pictures.
And you know that now you have to end 'it'.
Damn 'it'.

I'm sorry.
You just have to forget 'it'.
Although tears may fall.
And your heart is in

No longer Aishiteru.

Crying on the inside.

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