Monday, March 14, 2011

Trapped Within

Have you seen a box
sealed so tight,
that when you take it and shake it,
you can hear a sound,
that makes you wonder,
that makes you suspicious,
whatever inside the tight sealed box?

Have you seen a trunk
shut so tight,
by an oversized chain,
that when you forced it to open,
you'll just brake your manicured nails,
that even when you use the crowbar,
it just won't work,
this makes you feel frustrated,
this makes you feel angry,
however shall it going to be opened?

Have you seen a girl,
that look so pale,
look so numb,
have red rimmed eyes,
look confused,
look pressured,
at somewhat that has been bothering her.
Have you seen a girl trapped within her own mistakes?

It's all my fault.
It's all because I never think before I do.
It's all because of giving to people a lot.
No, you can give,
but it depends on what you give.
There's no next time.
And you can't hit Rewind.
You can't even linger your finger at Pause.
Because it has happened.
Now you just have to make it all better.
You just have to work yourself out.

Work yourself out of the box.
Work yourself out of the trunk.
Work yourself out of your mistakes.

Ya Allah, help me.
And no one can help me but You.

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